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Hi  Can anyone help me to clear my doubts?Refer the below figure Network is there in OSPF area 0, R2 learned this route as OIA (inter-area route) route and installed in the RIB.I have configured mutual redistribution in R2 between OSPF a...

redist.JPG redistri.JPG
sivam siva by Participant
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Resolved! WAN BW

I have two WAN lines, one internet line 30 Mbps and the other is WAN line connected to the branch with 20 Mbps:My question is which is better to support this bandwidth and better throughput: CISCO router 888/k9, or, CISCO router 2911/k9  

efc.admin by Beginner
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HelloSadly today I have completed my first (of many schedule) Cisco-Aruba migrations and I am quite amazed how similar the cli of Aruba is to Cisco with many features the same even CDP -which I thought was proprietary to cisco! So my question is how ...

Hi All, Below is a picture of my topology, The file to the packet tracer is also attached. All password or logins are admin and cisco. I would like DEV and Management network traffic to route through the firewall when access the corp network. I have ...


Hi there, I was checking the datasheets of the ASR9K and found the router supports MST (multiple spanning tree protocol), I am not sure what is the use case of a router to support STP in general, since routers don’t forward broadcasts so there is no ...

Hello,I'm trying to establish a simple IKEv2 site-to-site VPN between a Cisco 2911 and ASA 5516. I believe the IPSec tunnel comes up (phase1) but the IKEv2 doesn't form. Attached are  the relevant configs for the router and ASA, as well as the debugs...

Hello, We currently have two active/active connections to two different ISPs. Also, we are receiving full prefixes from both service providers. We are considering changing one of the ISPs to new ISP. The new ISP is asking us whether we wanted to cont...

zekebashi by Enthusiast
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Hope someone can assist. Am having an issue with our 3650 connection. Have already replaced the SFP and still having connection issues. Am getting reliability of either 241/255 or 245/255. Am thinking it is possibly the fiber. Below is the result of ...

LIBJCFPL by Beginner
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I have seen lots of other people looking for them as well, but it would really helpful for the full series of 2960L stencils - 8, 16, 24, & 48 Port Options. 

Lloyd Bare by Enthusiast
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R1(   - > ( R2   R1--Advertises 3 routes : with the community value : 200:21 2002:22 2002:522.2.2.0 with the community value: 1001:21 1001:22 1002:525.5.5.0 with no values R2--Policy list configured with matching commun...

I just replaced a failed Cisco 3750G with a Cisco 3750E, and I can't seem to get access to the "ip pim dense-mode" subinterface command. I checked the Cisco feature navigator and tried out these images with no luck: c3750e-universalk9-mz.122-53.SE2.b...