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i am trying to configure a 1CE1B PRI on my cisco router to use with my digital modem. when i am typing the isdn switch-type and the switch type, i get this: C3825(config)#isdn switch-type primary-ts014                          ^% Invalid input detect...

ali6359 by Beginner
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Hi there, Thanks for reading.I have a pair of high availability HSRP routers for which i've configured in-place replacement routers.  I know that i can work on the router in Standby status without worrying about interrupting traffic but i'd like to m...

Bob Greer by Enthusiast
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Hi all we are changing our internet service, the provider is requiring a Cisco 4351 router and they will provide us with 2 sets of public IPsfirst set is /30 will be used for the WAN    lets say xx.xx.xx.xx/30second set will be /26 for our LAN use   ...

when setting the maxas-limit I seem to be running into a bug?, not sure, %BGP-6-MSGDUMP_LIMIT: unsupported or mal-formatted message received. Has anyone else obverse this on ASR1001-x IOS 16(everest) ? It looks cosmetic but I cant seem to stop it. I ...

Resolved! ACL issues

Having a sort of weird issue with ACL's that seems to not apply to devices evenly. Setup:R1 - VLAN 2 -, VLAN 10 -, VLAN 11 -, VLAN 99 - - VLAN 2 -, VLAN 10 -, VLAN 11 -, VLAN 99 - 10.9...

KMX762 by Beginner
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I have a working GRE Tunnel on a 4331 and am trying to apply a QoS policy.  The command is accepted on the tunnel interface, but it does not appear when I check the Tunnel config.We have had this issue once before and had to apply the policy on a phy...

sweenep by Beginner
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Hi, I thought I would post this for anyone struggling with ISR 1100 router WAP Question One question if I may, for the wap ISR-AP1100AC-Z, the router dhcp scope option 60, I’ve set it to the documented VCI of “Cisco AP c1100” but alias it doesn’t see...

nrmdcs by Beginner
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