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MPLS, FlexVPN, and Multiple Data Centers

I have 2 data centers with 2 MPLS providers and recently upgraded to 2 ASR1k routers each.  The ASRs are currently connected one to each provider and we're running DMVPN over each MPLS.  Both data centers are configured as a hub on each DMVPN cloud. ...

jjhartma by Beginner
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Resolved! Static Route with Tag number

Hi,Does this commandip route 20 tag 102overwrites this commandip route 10 tag 101? or vise versa?Thanks in advanceAbd Alqader

a.hajhamad by Enthusiast
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Resolved! IP SLA unexpected result

Hi there, Thanks for reading!   I'm looking to track an ISPs availability so that I'm the first to know they're having issues.  Here's my SLA configs:   ip sla 8888 icmp-echo source-interface GigabitEthernet0/0/0 timeout 8000 frequency 10ip s...

Bob Greer by Enthusiast
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Traceroute with multiple next hops

Hi All,   In brief- we have iWAN in our environment and all branch routers have 2 ISP connections ( both are public internet, layer 3). Now we are in a process of replacing one of these DIA (direct internet access) connections with a layer 2 circuit ...

mip by Beginner
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Resolved! create a logical or virtual link from DC to DR

1) I am having concept of DC, Near DR and DR2) Switch Model is 35603) DC, Near DR and DR connected through P2P link.4) In my current scenario all traffic are moving through DC to Near DR and NDR to DR by static route.5) I am using one Software in par...

bpdu question stp

Why would a switchport for a vlan only receive BPDUs and not send any, and why would another port for a different vlan only send BPDUs but never receive any?

Amafsha1 by Explorer
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ISR 4000 IP Base

Hello support community.   Can someone confirm for if the new ISR 4000 series router with IP Base license is capable of running GRE/IPSEC (GRE over IPSEC) and GRE/IPSEC on VRF (GRE over IPSEC on VRF)? From what i have found i dont know if i a need a ...

vivarock12 by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco 891 AUX-CON port - having issues

Good morning, I am having trouble connecting to a Cisco 891 from a Cisco 871 with a flat CON-AUX cable. Both routers use the same port for AUX-CON and I have a flat cable plugged into both (I've tested the cable on a 4331 and it works perfectly). W...

Adam Ayoub by Beginner
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Resolved! VPN lan to lan not ping

hello i have problem vpn connection. i connected two device cisco 1841 router and pfsense device ipsec vpn i have connection that passed phase 1 and 2 but can't ping lan devices    here is my config router  Current configuration : 2008 bytes ! versio...

Resolved! BGP route advertised but unable to ping

Hi Everyone,   Can someone correct me on a BGP issue. It's not a real time environment. There are two customer's running BGP and in different AS. One location is using RIP and other is EIGRP. Peering between two routers using loopback IP addresses an...

EEM script error

we have configured EEM script on the router to shut the BGP neighbour. but its not working. ip sla 30icmp-echo source-ip 260timeout 500frequency 3ip sla schedule 30 life forever start-time nowip sla enable reaction-a...

redistribute bgp to ospf

Guys, Anyone can help me interpret the cmd below? many many thanks!! 1)Wht is the purpose? to get other branches routes or send routes to other branches using bgp? 2)ip prefix-list ospf-list means network on the router or others branches routers?   i...

getaway51 by Explorer
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QoS sanity check

Good Day, I'm updating a QoS policy for a bunch of tunnel interfaces that we run over our WAN service. Each tunnel connects to a remote site which has a 5M internet service. Below is what I have as a standard policy that I apply facing the site (Down...