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Hi All, I have pair of Nexus 9k, deployed as VPC peer. Each Peer has one Nexus 2K FEX. VMWare ESXi Host machine is connected to both FEX. Now the problem is , the vPC on FEX is not coming up, even though all config is match on both Nexus 9k and Nexus...

 Dear all, I am running the below OS version on my DC switches and according to some documentation i found i hit the below bug.Though, according to Cisco, this should be solved in this OS version. Has anyone had the same issue or can you please advis...

abukuru95 by Participant
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Hello All, We are in serious trouble. We have ordered the Nexus3K N3K-C3524P-10GX with incorrect airflow direction and we are nearing implementation. Can we replace the fan module and power supplies or we need to order new switches.   Please help.   ...

Hi,Can someone help me with the exact syntax for a scheduled roll back command.  I do not have any 7Ks in a lab but would like to perform a scheduled rollback while making remote changes in case they take down the system.  Any assistance is much appr...

Hello All, We have Cisco nexus 3048 device, the startup config shows the below output Nexus-3k# show startup-configNo startup configurationNexus-3k# But for "sh running-config" command i got the proper output, so when i try to copy the running config...

Hi All,   I'm attempting to configure VXLAN in a topology similar to the following from the Nexus 9K VXLAN configuration guide using Nexus 9200 series switches, however, I need to use trunk interfaces between the VTEP 9Ks and our L3 core switch with ...

de1denta by Participant
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Hi,I need consulting on the below issueOur production datacentre IP address range ( is currently advertised via our DR datacentre ( causing performance issues for branch offices as they route to DR and then the inter-DC traf...

Umesh1 by Beginner
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