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Please note that this community is not as active as the Smart Net Total Care community
You might get an faster answer about Services, Support, and PSIRT APIs and the API Console there.

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API Call for SLP IOS XE 17.3.4a

Dear fellow, I'm currently looking for a way to receive specific SLP (smart licence using policy) information from an ios xe 17.3.4a device.  I saw a way through the following github tool: ""...

mg_avo by Beginner
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Inquiries about psirt api update

Hi,The security advisory information on the web page and the information obtained through the psirt api are different. March 8 information is missing from the api information. URL :   and t...

kays by Beginner
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CCW-R API Availability

Hi,I am familiar with and have access to the CCW Orders API via the API Console. My question is whether or not there is a similar API available for accessing the data under CCW-R?Any assistance anyone can provide greatly appreciated.Many thanks.D.

EOX API Access

Hello Team, I am not able to see the EOX API in API console portal and in the list. how do i know whether i have access of this API or / nilesh.pundkar1 Regards,Nilesh 

Cisco Support APIs for PSS

Hi Support, I need to connect to your api for Bug and EoX as a partner. I tried requesting access using PSS support. I followed the guide for PSS Partners as below.If you are a PSS partner, complete these steps: Go to the Cisco Partner Support Servic...

angelest by Beginner
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Resolved! Access to Eox API

Dear support , I need to help with  access in to Eox API . i am using  curl calling  the access is forbbiden. Log here: HTTPError: 403 Client Error: Forbidden for url:

dohnalek by Beginner
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400 System Error with CSAPI

I have been trying to access the Customer Details CSAPI at this URL: I can get a bearer token and when I send a get to the above URL in postman, this is the error I get back:{    "status"...

NetDevOp by Beginner
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