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How do i get access to call home portal?

George D
Level 1
Level 1

i'm a smart account admin, but i dont seem to have access to the smart call home portal, it says unregistered customer. 

i have a tac ticket open, but not sure they follow.


anything special to register my user account ?


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make sure the device can able to reach to internet.


here is example call home configure for reference, since we do not know the device here..this is generic to understand call home.


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this is not on the device side, this is on the portal side (


from the overview page i see:

Logged in User : myCCOID  Role : Unregistered Customer


on the registration management page i see: 

Access Denied
Your current role does not have sufficient privileges to access this page.


on the reports page its just empty/nothing loads



Justin Sprake
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello George, User instantiation begins by logging into the URL and accepting the legal agreement. However, in order to take advantage of the features of Smart Call Home there essentially needs to be Devices registered to the SCH portal. Successfully registering a device will associate the CCO of the user who 'redeems' the device (a confirmation Email will be sent to Cisco to the contact email address specified within the CiscoTAC-1 CallHome profile and this email contains a registration link + security token). Redeeming the device associates the device+user the Install-At Company (based on the support contract of the device).


A registered User can also add additional users (without using device registration as an on-boarding measure). If there are any issues regarding device registrations you may also open up a TAC SR with the Smart Services > Smart Call Home support group.

ive asked that my case move to the smart call home team. 


i got the one device registered, so my status is now customer admin. 

however i still cant see anything under registration management. 

it also says my device is not under contract from the email reply i got back from the smart call home system, but it is.


Hi George,


Can you send me the TAC Case number via Private Message so I can take a look at the specifics?

sent you the case number. 


it looks like the first device registration took a few hours to update the portal. 

I now see device management and a bunch of pending devices. also looks like each device can take up to 15 mins to register. 

I still have devices that are under contract that are failing entitlement check: 

which is strange

Entitlement Check Failed
01-Apr-2022 12:00:00 AM

because the end date is the end of my new contract. it says its not associated to my CCOID, so maybe during renewal that didn't happen. checking that