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The problem occurs after rebooting the switch. The switch comes back up, but I am not able to ping the switch or telnet to the switch.When connecting directly into the console of the switch, the switch is not able to ping out. Shutting down the vlan ...

yuli7641 by Level 1
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Hi, I should change Cisco 4503's ssh port today, but I couldn't change it.I tried below command WEB_BackBone#1(config)#ip ss?% Unrecognized commandWEB_BackBone#1(config)#ssWEB_BackBone#1(config)#ss?% Unrecognized commandWEB_BackBone#1(config)#line vt...

dnwjdvkd by Level 1
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Dears,   I am looking for some help to understand the following logs on my 6509-E chassis,  is it affect the interface forwarding data?  963: 06/20/19 19:05:23 5/-1: MIN, GOLD, naxos_ndl_port[2/16]: check_ether_802dot1q_packet failed (err-code 45)964...

PTO by Level 1
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Hello Friends, We have a WS-C3650-12X48FD L3 Switch, we were experiencing packet discards in the switches on few ports across the organisation, as per Cisco's recommendation we have upgraded the IOS from 16.06.03 to 16.06.05. With 16.06.03 version, p...

Greetings, I zeroized  my rsa key using crypto key zeroize and recreated it but now I can no longer get to my https page. I am a little new to CLI so I am looking to understand how to get my https page working again. What have I forgot to do? Thanks.

Hi AllI want to configure a priority queue on one of my 6509 ports, I want EF to have up to 33% of the 1 gig link.What are the commands on the 6509 to do this?I applied the auto qos on the port and it provided me the following output, can you tell me...

hello guys! I got logs  from  4507R-E   image : at4500es8-universalk9.SPA.03.08.04.E.152-4.E4.bin I use 10 gigabit gibic  all of upling to L2 Swtichs.. there are no problem to service.. logs says eb 25 11:10:30.704: %SFF8472-5-THRESHOLD_VIOLATION: Te...

takhan by Level 1
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