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Hello everyone,I have tried factory resetting my switch but it somehow wont work.I have trief different ways to approach this but nothing seems to be effective. The problem is that when I press the 'Mode'-Button for 3 seconds, it starts blinking, but...

Gremtem by Level 1
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This is my topology, i am unable to ping from Central server and the wireless devices to anywhere in the main campus, except for the router , which i configured.  However, I can ping from the different vlans to the central server and the other wirele...

liz carpen by Level 1
  • 15 replies
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Hello everyone,My colleague experiences random "Silent Reloads" with a number of devices of the Switch hardware Catalyst C1000-8T-2G-L. He is running the recommended IOS Version 15.2(7)E7.I could find the Bug "CSCvw95683" that describes a matching pr...

kurt_faeh by Level 1
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Hello,I have a Cisco 4010 Ethernet switch that is currently connected to a Moxa EDS-208A. The 4010 interface is an access port configured as below: switchport mode accessswitchport access vlan 50The Moxa switch only has hosts connected to it, and doe...

Onyx by Level 1
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 Hello all I am currently facing a problem when trying to remove the switch from the stack, as I tried all the commands but it still does not switch to standalone mode. When the switch is restarted, it goes to the elections and config is lost....is...

AM777RO by Level 1
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Hi all,I'm trying to create a port channel from an EdgeSwitch 24 to a Cisco 9300, but after testing by connecting just one cable I don't get any connectivity between them. The arp table on the 9300 shows the IP address of the edgeswitch but an incomp...

PACC by Level 1
  • 4 replies
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Recently my company has bought 4 new cisco switches. 2 CBS250-48P-4G's and 2 CBS350-48P-4G's. In the past we have just used RJ-45 copper connections to daisy-chain the switches together for interconnectivity but with these new switches we were hoping...

Hi Everyone,i'm currently facing a really strange problem, i'm running a simulation in GNS3 with the following TopologyThe Switch to which everything is connecting (N301SWC01) is the coreswitch, the 2 other Switches that it's connecting to are the ac...

ZoellerG by Level 1
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Resolved! SVI VLANs

Hello Expert,I want to enable DHCP for multiple VLANsThis Lab aims to create multiple SVI-enabled, DHCP and add more switches to the core switch, and create HSRP.What is the best practice for creating multiple VLANs It should be on the access layer o...

ankitohc by Spotlight
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Please Help. Trying to apply this ACL to the outside interfaces for inbound traffic. When applied, both outside interfaces (ISP's) pass no traffic.  object-group service SERVICE-PROTOCOL-PORTdescription Ports to Allowgre eq 50gre eq 51tcp eq 500tcp e...

If the server is set to 9000 MTU and the GigabitEthernet port on Cat 6500 is set to default (1500), would the traffic between the two drop completely, or it would it be dropped only for frames sent above 1500 or the traffic would flow normally unaffe...