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Resolved! VLSM 92% Packet Tracer Help!

Okay, so i'm on 92%, but the last 8 remaining procent says that my pc's ip addresses are wrong and my router serial interfaces too. I don't understand why. Here's the assignment: https://assignment.itslearning.com/Annotations/AnnotationApp.aspx?Annot...

why LLDP showing for subinterface

Hi Team,  We are finding that lldp neighbor entry is visible for the subinterface(vlan interface). how to avoid the lldp neighbor for the subinterface alone?     GE0/0/26 TN-RMD-RSM-T3-ST-SBE-... Gi0/0/0.198 104GE0/0/26 TN-RMD-RSM-T3-ST-SBE-... Gi0/0...

jigojar by Beginner
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BVI not reachable

Hi,I'm trying to setup an 897 router to share a single DSL (with cellular failover) connection among 3 apartments - each with their own access point and VLAN, along with a single guest wifi network. I can connect to the access point and ping the rout...

greywolf by Beginner
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WS-C3850-24U-L does not boot

Hi, I have this switch 3850 that does not boot, I tried to boot from usb and initialize with the same error. Also the flash is not recognized. Do you have aniy idea to recover this switch form boot process? I share the logs, thanks in advance.   Init...

cipher selection in switch

Hi Switch have some week ciphers. From the below commands, we can know which cipher are available, but I am not sure which one is stronger. How can we know these ciphers? and second question is at the blow command, can we think the first one aes192-c...

zshowip by Enthusiast
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input errors on Nexus 9300

I have a couple of N9K-C93108TC-EX switches seeing about half of the packets coming from a server being errors.  I can't find any detailed counters showing what the error is.  Where should I be looking? Thanks. switch# sh int e 1/8Ethernet1/8 is upad...

Stuff by Beginner
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Resolved! Multicast layer 2 flooding and cdp/vtp

Hi AllSomeone knows why Cisco switchs doesn't flood cdp/vtp packets on entire broadcast domain ?In my understanding a switch should perform flooding of Multicast packets out all port but with cdp/vtp packet it doesn't happen.Logically it is correct b...

lnrdnl78d by Beginner
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