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Cisco Catalyst C9200-48P and PoE

So I wanted to connect an IP Phone to my C9200, it is an Alcatel 8028 Deskphone by the way, The important part is that it is IEEE 802.3 af compatible and should work just fine.The Phone just does not power on. I checked the standards sh int statussh ...

Resolved! no lacp suspend-individual effect

Hi all, i have a situation where one port-channel member is on status suspended on Nexus 5K. port settings on both VPC pair are correct and also the peer side of the port-channel (all on auto)now my question: what will be the effect if i add the "no ...

jowikoyou by Beginner
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Resolved! Can anybody help? I feel confused.

Add a "Server-PT" to your Network connected to the VLAN with IP Addressing of (This should be where your "PC_West" systems are.)Label the Server "WebSrvr"Make the page state your name - Icon in addition would be coolStatically assign the ...

OpenDoors by Beginner
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2960 - Avaya IP phone - Port security problem

          Hi, I have a problem with a Switch 2960 and a telephone Avaya, its activate the command port securit, the topology is Switch 2960 port + Avaya telephone + PC and the configuration the port is:         Interface FastEthernet0/16description P...

dchavarria by Beginner
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Resolved! configuring stacked 3850s

hi all,we have purchased from an old company 7 3850s which are stacked together, they have flattened them so we need to configure them all againi know how to configure/set up individual cisco switches, so my question is, do i need to console into eac...

robertkwild by Participant
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Nexus FEX Fan: N2K-C2232-FAN Failed

hello, i see error on FEX FAN: show environment fex 125 fan Fan Fex : 125: ------------------------------------------------------ Fan Model Hw Status ------------------------------------------------------ Chassis N2K-C2232-FAN -- failure PS-1 N2200-...

from88 by Participant
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Resolved! Smart License Switch C9500

Hi  I just installed switch c9500 with the default version 16.12.04.I don't understand the smart license, what I want to ask:- Is smart license mandatory?- If not registered, how long is the evaluation period ? the switch function cannot be used ?* F...

Show Version.JPG Show License Summary.JPG
Hary_CsC by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco CBS250 PoE+ understanding?

Hello,for our Meraki environment we are planning to replace our old non PoE switches to the brand new Cisco CBS250 series.As I know the Meraki MR46 AP 30W power for booting and operating. I am not sure and I won´t understood it wrong. On the CBS250 s...

Resolved! WS-SUP720-3B does not fit into WS-C6509

I bought a WS-C6509 chassis for a trainee and test lab, it was manufactured in 1999.I already purchased a FAN tray, two power units and 3 line cards (2x mini GBICs, 1x RJ54 ports). Now I bought a supervisor engine (WS-SUP720-3B). However, during the ...

dennis.u by Beginner
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Resolved! is the sg300-10sfp working at 10Gbits?

Dear all,I'm searching for a switch able to cope with 10Gbit/s transfer rates (for a small, personal, cluster built from multiple workstations).Recently, I found this switch on sale: sg300-10sfp. I'm not sure it only works at 1Gbit/s or at 10Gbit/s.....