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Good morning I have to run an IOS upgrade on two 6509-E with 2 VS-SUP2T-10G in VSS.The version of IOS at this time is 15.1 (2) SY4a and I have to upgrade to 15.2 (1) SY.What procedure should I have?I have to enable some kind of license? Thank you

vin.marco by Level 1
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We have 2 sites(Site DL1 and DL2)  and each site has 3850 switches (2 switch stack). DL1 and DL2 have different separate network. but there is a requirement that DL1 should be able to access a new network (10.98.x.x) that is connected to DL2.  DL1 a...

Hi there, Thanks for reading!  I've got a WS-C3850-24T with a  C3850-NM-4-10G inserted.  A show inventory reveals the switch doesn't see the 10G module.  I've swapped: The failing module into 3850 #2 and it was recognized A recognized module from 3...

Bob Greer by Level 4
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Dears,  Our problem seems strange , we have 2x 6807 Core Switches configured as VSS and mix of Edge Switches Juniper EX3200 and Cisco C2960X connected to Core Switches through trunk links. One of Our ESX Servers - hosting multiple virtual machines - ...

Good day sir! I have a problem here about the internet connections of cisco SF300-24. We have 3 internet providers here in our office but the problem is when this 3 are connected to SF300-24, there some pc's have no internet connection even though i...

we did redundancy force-switchover, reinserted all cards 2 times. Chassis looks good. Still getting this ''%CONST_DIAG-SP-STDBY-4-ERROR_COUNTER_WARNING: Module 6 Error counter exceeds threshold, system operation continue.'' and the TestErrorCounterMo...

skoirala by Cisco Employee
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HelloI have the following topology:Sites: We have two (2) sites  A & BDevices: Each site has two (2) NK5000Connectivity:Between sites Dark Fiber 10GB trunk. What my customer whats to have is this two 2(sites)  with the vlan 20 (this is just an exampl...

Hi Team, I'm new on the cisco NK7 what is the command to save changes. for example i configure a interface for i want to save the changes like on the cisco 4507 is wr so what is the command on the nk7 if someone can help thank you

I'm working with a Nexus 3000 [ version 5.0(3)U3(2) ] in a training lab and I'm trying to make it so that the system can PXE for OS reinstallation and transfer into LACP latter when the OS installation script configures the host's interfaces. The hos...

Quick question, I have autorp in use for PIM-SM and I was surprised to discover that at one of our sites, when I do a show ip pim rp map, while I see the correct rendevous point listed, I see info source as an IP other then that of the interface I co...

I have one scenario in which I am using two 3750 switch which are stacked. what would happen in such case when both of stack cable gone faulty and both switches are up ? Can any one help me to know about the failover condition in such case,  is there...

I want to change my signature algorithm from SHA1 TO SHA256, my ASA IOS version is 8.4 It is CSR successfully checked Signature algorithm:SHA1 Key algorithm:RSA Key size:2048 to be Signature algorithm:SHA256 Key algorithm:RSA Key size:2...