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Hi,i seem to have experienced a 2960 switch with IGMP Snooping enabled, flooding multicast out of all trunked ports. When I enable a querier IGMP Snooping kicks in and starts to do its job.(Portfast enabled so shouldn't be flooding on tcn)I can't fin...

All,  I have a downstream switch which have currently acting as L3 and forming eigrp neighbour ship , the requirement  is I need to move the uplink connection to new core switch . Existing switch , SW1  - L3 -   int vlan 36  - user des...

Hi, I have setup a router, it's f0/1 was connect to a AP, IP: My DHCP server was Windows server, IP: I have created a DHCP scope( in it. but my cellphone cannot get IP from DHCP server.I setup...

ciscoreg2 by Beginner
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Ive a 3548 box with 24port Lic,My concern is about the functionality of the remaining 24 Ports.Will there be a problem with the rest of the 24 ports while in production.  NX3548# sh inventoryNAME: "Chassis", DESCR: "Nexus 3548 Chassis"PID: N3K-C3548P...

Hello everyone!! I am facing this problem on different switches on my network on different days, the thing is that the switch is working fine and none of the users is facing in connection problem ,but I can not reach my switch (ping and telnet)from a...

Hi guys,can you have a layer 3 vlans routing lan traffic, then have a layer 2 vlan connected to a router thats connected to the internet and have all internet desting traffic going to the layer 2 vlan. I heard you can have this kind of set up to secu...

When I try to enter the Cisco MDS 9148 Multilayer switch through the command line, new is not yet configured, shows the following message:mdssw4 login: cisco                   Password:         Login incorrect                   THIS IS A DEPARTMENT O...

I need step by step instructions to copy or mirror from a port to an ip address  on a virtual on the sg 200-08

bennie by Beginner
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Dear all,I am reading around to see the differences between uplink ports and normal ethernet ports. It seems to be uplink port just reverse the rx,tx pins and remove the needs of using a crossover cable.I have done a simple representation of using th...

SJ K by Contributor
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