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Hi,I am testing on lab equipment (2 Catalyst 3550 and 1 Catalyst 3560) HSRP version 1 and 2.I successfully created a load balancing between the two Catalyst 3550 on a couple of vlans (11 and 12) on ver 1now, just adding the command "standby xx versio...

Hi there,I have an C4900M with twingig converter and SFP GLC-LX-SMD in. So the SFP supports DOM function. It is running on 12.2(53)SG2.I would to the see the optical power level of the SFP, but it does not recognize 'show interface transceiver' comma...

wrgu by Beginner
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Hi, I have a problem, so hope some one can help me :) Have a site with a Cisco 892 router, that have local LAN 192.168.2.x/24 and access to public net.But need to make a new VPN tunnel to a other company site (172.23.x.x/16), but need to come with so...

multivogn by Beginner
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hi , i have ASR 1002 with QOS the config is fine and revised well the config match the traffic well  , but the performance is not fine the question is being asked here .  what general things or network things that cause QOS not works fine ??? i appli...

Dr.X by Explorer
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Hi   today  I tried to upgrade c3750X-24T-S with no success.   i did with "archive download-sw /overwrite tftp://" and got the following: Error: The requested upgrade will cause an incompatibility since theE...

jonagyula by Beginner
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How does the GLBP AVG send ARP Replies from the alternate VMACs without effecting switching tables? It seems as though all traffic to both VMACs would go to the AVG if it sends frames with both source VMACs from its port.

Hello,As mentioned on Cisco website that ISR 4400 routers are built for Branch-Offices,  but due to the cost for ASR Routers,  Instead of ASR I want to order Cisco ISR 4400 for my company Head-Office. Also because my company is small and we don't hav...

I'm in the process of configuring the uplink of two stacked 2960S to a 3560X that is not stacked.My plan is to configure 2 ports in each of the stacked 2960S' for a total of 4 Etherchannel members. On the other side, I'd configure the 3560X with a 4 ...