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SNMPv3 Catalyst 6506 12.2(18)SXF14

                   Hi                     We are unable to configure snmp v3 on the above.                    Does anyone have a proper idiots guide for this ?                    When adding a user there is no otion to add a "priv" level and I think ...

sdawson35 by Beginner
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Can't see Catalyst 2960 48TT

I had to connect a new Catalyst 2960 48TT switch to my Network. Which is connected straight to port two in Catalyst 3750G 48+4. I have three other already connected: 2 x Catalyst 2960 48TT and 1 Catalyst 2960 48TC.The problem is I can not see the new...

Is 3750x network module hot swapable?

Hi.  I have 8 switches in a stack.  3 of them are 3750X with POE.  1 is 3750Gv2 and the rest are 3750v2 10/100.  I have 3 Network modules (C3KX-NM-1G) for the 3750X's that provide 4 1gbps SFP ports.  Can I install them to the 3750X without taking the...

Resolved! Unable to enable REP on 3750x IOS 15.2

I'm a neophyte on the IOS in general, and the 3750x specifically, so all suggestions gratefully accepted. I'm attempting to configure REP on a new 3750x24P-S that has been flashed to IOS 15.2 universalK9. The message I get is "conflict with current s...

6513 VLAN Int responds to ping

  Hello,I was scanning a portion of my network for available addressing and active devices. I did a scan of  the network and I noticed that the vlan interface on the 6513 was sending replies for non-existent devices. For example a rep...


Hi all, I was going through ccna wireless exam certification and came through the following paraAPs offer the ability to use more than one SSID. This would let you offer a Guest Network and a Corporate Network and still use the same AP. When the AP h...

Jonn cos by Enthusiast
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Looking for 3750 replacements

Hi,We currently have 3750 switch stacks for our office LAN (6 switches in each stack).  These are now end of life/support and are failing on a regular basis.We are looking to replace them and I am just wondering what people would recommend to replace...

Resolved! weird PVST issue

Hi everyone,I am getting loop in my network inspite of running pvst.PVST is running on two switches that are connected to each other through etherchannel po1.on one switch root port is po1 as it priority is high. similar configuration is done on othe...

Resolved! Core Network Design

Hello,We are in stage of designing the core netwokring for one of our customer.Our customer is a Finance Institute, having two building. Each building has two 6509 core switches. Total we have 4 core switches. Both buildings are connected to each oth...

anis_cisco by Beginner
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Resolved! 3750 inter vlan ok but no internet

Hello everyone,I have pretty basic setup. I'm desperate here and need assistance.  My 3750 is ipbase ios 12.2. I have been trying to find solution for a week now.I got 2 vlans 10 and 20 and one layer 3 port connected to internet router 10...

malakipaa by Beginner
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