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Resolved! Voice vlan versus data vlan

Hello, Two questions what exactly is the difference between a port configured for voice vlan for a cisco phone that connects to call manager version 8 versus a a cisco phone on a data vlan that connects to call manager. I see both type vlans connect ...

3750-X and ASA LAN and VPN routing question

Hi,I'm having a little problem maybe with my understanding or with my routing.I have a 3750X ( stack and an ASA 5510 ( ASA has some VPN tunnels established through internet to several other ASA locations/subnets (192.168.2...

jfgrenier by Beginner
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Unexpected OSPF behavior in datacenter

Hi all,I have an OSPF issue in a datacenter. This infrastructure exist in a redundant core and aggregation layer which are build with Cisco C6509-E with a Sup720-3BXL in the core and Sup720-3B in de aggregation. The interconnects are etherchannels of...

Resolved! Two subnets in one VLAN.

I'm just practicing VLANs.I created two subnets in VLAN1. And while trying to enable communication between the devices in both subnets, i configured Fa0/0 interface of router as (But as i expected it didn't enabled communication). I bel...

Resolved! 12.2(58)SE2, 3750X and PoE problem

Hi, we are running some 3750x´s switches as an access device for VoIP phones and PC´s. Lately we are having some issues conecting IP phones as we can see that the port links up (we can see the led blinking) but if we issue the "show ip int brief" to ...

SG300 20 Port and RV180

Hi ThereI am looking for some advice as i am very new to the configuration aspect of network switches and routers, i have an RV180 router connected to a SG300-20 switch which then connects digital signage hosts together.They are basic linux based sma...

6509 vss issue

     Hi all,                     I configured 6509 VSS one of my customer,while chaecking failover. First i shut down the active switch traffic is going through secondary switch.Afterwards i restared active switch but that time secondary switch is al...

chandru.j by Beginner
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Unable to ping the interface VLAN through a trunk, but OK on subinterface

                   Hello,I have a 1941 router with some interfaces VLAN. I have also a 2970 with interface VLAN.From the 2970, I can't ping the 1941 if the IP address is on the interface VLAN.If the IP address is on the subinterface, it is OK.Here is...

Catalyst 6509 memory leak

Hi,We have 2 Catalyst 6509 switch, one of switch have memory leak problem. Last 3 months the free process memory decrease from 72% to 68%. ( no problem at the other one switch ). I check and compare two switch "show proc mem" and find the "dead" proc...

jackson.ku by Participant
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