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Will “ip route” route ALL network traffic on the layer 3 (edge) switch to the destination even if there are 2 different networks on the switch?For instance, if the layer 3 (edge) switch would have an SVI of 10.200.x.x/29 for ...

Hi Guys, I have ran in a wierd situation where my HSRP active router changed its state from ACTIVE to Speak with out any high priority box being introduced.Logs====================================Apr 30 16:29:57.384 GMT: %HSRP-5-STATECHANGE: Vlan191 ...

Hi, I have 2 layer vlans created on my core switch. These vlans are advertised on eigrp protocol running on the core switch and subsequently advertised on bgp in the routers connected to the core switch. The 2 Vlans are Vlan 12 and Vlan 13. Vlan 12 i...

 Hi, "'ip device tracking probe delay 10 "" , will it means that ,  normally   cisco device (switch or router or firewall) automatically generate the ARP and if this command given it delays for 10 sec ? or it will delay the the unknown flooding for 1...

jithu p by Level 1
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Hello,I have a situation like this:1x Core 6513 Switch.4x 3550-12T Switches.All 3550 switches are connected to the 6513 core switch, with one connection each (1Gbps).Now I need to transfer multicast and unicast between the switches.I'm sending intern...

husamaga1 by Level 1
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hello,need some assistance or help. I have a Nexus 7009 with  a FEX N2K-C2248PQ connected. If the N2K goes down (e.g. power down) a syslog event is generated but no snmp-trap from the N7K to the snmp server. Interface up/downs or power supply failure...

HI, Have a simple doubt, Will cisco switch send gratuitous arp if HSRP not enabled ???? in which conditions a cisco switch\router\firewall send gratuitous ARP ???

jithu p by Level 1
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I can't seem to get my 3750X to mark DSCP values. I am testing with HTTP from a server on another VLAN. Using WireShark, the HTTP packets are all marked 0.   Cisco IOS Software, C3750E Software (C3750E-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.2(1)E3, RELEASE SOFTW...

DJX995 by Level 3
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Hi, I have two VSS (6509) running in different location, actually two sites they merge. so some of the servers moved from site B to site A but the default gateway is in site A. unfortunately the servers moved they cannot communicate to the default ga...