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Dear All,We use N9K switch and we can create ACL but we cannot apply them in an SVI (interface VLAN) anymore.We can run the command without any error but the configuration is not applied.ThanksRegards,HM

There might be a bug with 17.6.4 and NTP source interface command.I have a 9606 setup with multiple vrf's.  Our NTP source server is on other side of firewall.  The direct link to the firewall network from the 9606 has no rules for allowing origin tr...

Ruhtra by Level 1
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Resolved! DHCP Server

HelloNow i have only one router with DHCP server configured in this router. I have plan to make the router redundant using HSRP. So when we using HSRP, should we configure DHCP on both router? If yes, is there any potential ip conflict?

hs08 by Spotlight
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Dear all,we have C9500-24Y4C Datacenter switch which is about 1 year old. Lately we are getting following alert from the switch;Temp: Outlet_B   R0                Normal            40 CelsiusTemp: Inlet_A    R0                Minor             46 Cel...

user1981 by Level 1
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Hi, there was one time when our service provider told us that the reason why the network is slow and intermittent is because one of our servers is producing almost 900MB of traffic in a specific port in our switch.  We weren't able to capture or took...

TECH-JEFF by Level 1
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Greetings, I have a Windows 2016 server running OpenSSH 7.7. I am able to SFTP to/from Nexus switches without issue.eg. copy running-config sftp://<user>@<server>/Switch/test.txtIf I try the same thing from a 2960X switch (running 15.2(7)E7) I get th...

reeceb by Level 1
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