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Hi,I just named my VLAN2 as LAB2 but the output of show command is confusing me.Could someone please help me in this?switch0(config-vlan)#do show vlan name LAB2VLAN Name                             Status    Ports---- --------------------------------...

Hello,We have purchased a new fiber internet connection with 100 MBPS speed. We are using a cisco roouter cisco1921k/9. We have connected Cat6 cablet from fiber MDU switch to router WAN port.I am doing a speed test using speedtest.net website and ban...

A VLAN is nothing but a reduced broadcast domain (or) logically grouping devices into smaller broadcast domains.Is this right or wrong ?Thanks in advance.Regards,Chandu

Can someone please explain the below output ? Or any link is also fine.I just know that it shows vlans and their status and ports...  and here there is something more.And also is there any command to see how many vlans are supported on the particular...

Hello Guys,I am studying in ASBR route summarization, I have a situation where I sumarizo networks with the end command summary-address / mask and still zero then the area contained the summarized route and the subordinate routes. For the ospf theory...