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I am facing issue with nexus 7010 login authentcation by radius server. I have two nexus 7010, one of them is working perfectly. Other taking long time to authenticate. If i use local database to login it works perfectly. It works fine also  if i log...

I would like to upgrade the firmware on my SRW224G4 switch but I don't know which file I should be using.  When I go to download firmware I see links for the following"Cisco SRW224G4 24-port 10/100 + 4-port Gigabit Switch - WebView"Which has firmware...

Dear All,I have a Cisco switch 4510R+E with SUP7-E.  Due to new requirement we are planning to add 3nos 12 port 10g-  WS-X4712-SFP+E Catalyst 4500 E-Series 12-Port card on the switch.I would like to know whether we can add 3 nos 12 port 10g-  WS-X471...

Shibu1978 by Beginner
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Hello,I am trying to understand the basics of DHCP snooping.  I have a just a 3560 switch and a laptop ( to get a DHCP address) and my DSL router which has a DHCP server running.  On the switch I have enabled "IP DHCP Snooping" and "IP DHCP Snooping ...

Andy White by Participant
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Hello,  According to this documentation, my DHCP relay switch (ip helper-address on my 6509 core) will need the “Enabling the DHCP Option-82 on Untrusted Port Feature.” However, the same document later notes that I should not "enter the ip dhcp snoop...

hburton by Beginner
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Hey guys  I had a question regarding a switch which is not working properly. Over at the university here last Friday we had a 30-second power outage wreaked a little havoc on our networks. One of the switches did not come back up properly (the 3560G)...

Evess1982 by Beginner
  • 8 replies
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Hi ,What is the meaning of "Only Version -03 or later is supported" in this link http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/interfaces_modules/transceiver_modules/compatibility/matrix/OL_6981.html#wp149734And how can i check the version of cisco SFP in cisco ca...

Hello, I have setup 'router on a stick' VLANs between a switch and a router, however I cannot seem to ping from a PC to the different VLAN interfaces on the router. I can only ping to the router interface of the specific VLAN my PC is conected to on ...

fran19422 by Beginner
  • 16 replies
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Our service provider will be providing us service between our home office and our co-location. The LAN data will be allocated to VLAN 586 and our internet service will be on VLAN 186. These services will be provided on one fibre cable. We would like ...

matt1999 by Beginner
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We are setting up a LAN connection between two sites. Like to know what would the termining device, at both end, would be? Like a Layer 2 switches or something else?

mma by Beginner
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Hello,Does anybody have a good method that will let me gather all of the subnets in my site and remote sites, such as vlans, etc so I can put all that information in one excel sheet and help determine what subnets and networks i still have to use.  W...

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