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I have multiple logs of my switch duplex mismatch and discovered its connected access port with voice Vlan and phone port is connected to the PC. is there anything I can fix this issue?

Resolved! config.text

Hello guys,I'm facing an issue that, I'm unable to find config.text file to rename it.Issue: I lose the credentials of the switch and I'm unable to login anymore. below is dir flash result, can you help here please?Thanks in advance  

Hello community,Sorry if this was asked before, but I could not find this information either on this forum or in the Cisco official documentation.When you issue the show mac address-table command on a Cisco Nexus switch, the following legend appears ...

Hi, I am doing routing on layer 3 my dhcp is on router from that i want to get dhcp on pc which are on different vlani Have created svi on switch1 vlan 10 and added ip helper vlan 20 and added ip helper ...

Resolved! DHCP and ACL

Dear everyone,I'm trying to configure a named extended ACL to deny one host access to a DHCP server while permitting another host access. Both of them are on the same Vlan and I've realized that you can use as a source IP to deny access to th...