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LAN Per-User Rate Limiting Solution

Hi All,We have a guest wireless setup but I need to rate limit the users so no one hogs all the bandwidth. The WLC is connected into a 3750 which is doing all the routing between the vlans. I know I cannot shape the traffic on the 3750 but can someon...

ross_rulz by Beginner
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cisco 887w wireless

hi,could anyone please post configuration for wireless on the cisco 887w? i would like wireless and wired users on the same vlan if possible i am trying to bring the radio up but it says reset and down and cant get it to bring it up ( i have done vla...

Resolved! question in BGP route map ?

hi ,im using bgp protocol , and here is my config on my production network , "" i hided the ips with xx for privacy""%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%router bgp xx99xx no synchronization bgp log-neighbor-changes network xx.xx.64.0 mask network...

Resolved! i put an ipaddress on router , but why it gives my locally connected in routing table ??

hi ,i put the command on my router # ip address i type  #show ip  route is variably subnetted, 2 subnets, 2 masksC is directly connected, GigabitEthernet1/1L

undersized errors on 3560G

Hi All,I'm having weird problems with both of our 3560G switches. When I take a look at the port statistics via CNA I see a lot of underzised errors on trunk ports.When I take a look at the CLI via sh interfaces counters errrors I don't see any under...

dhcp snooping scenario

Hi everybodyh1-----sw1-------sw2-----dhcp serverWe configure dhcp snooping on sw1 and sw2. Sw2 is configured to trust to dhcp relay information i.e option 82. We want sw2 to remove option 82 before sending the message to dhcp server.  Can we do that ...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Resolved! voice vlan and dot1p

Hi everybody.I am sorry I am still little confused about voice vlan.ip phone1-----sw1---trunk-----sw2----ipphone21) we configure  switchport voice vlan 2 on both switches sw1 and sw2.Let say ip phone1 sends a frame to ip phone2.ip phone adds the dot1...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Resolved! IOS upgradation for 4506

Hi,I have 4506e core switch to which 10 other 2960 switches are connected.I want to upgrade thier IOS. how can upgrade it, can I upgrade it one by one or all at a time?Is there any tool to perform this task?

Resolved! VACL scenario

Hi everybody.How is everyone doing?h1----------sw1-----trunk-----sw2----h2h1---- h1 and h2 are  same vlan2.We want to stop h1from reaching h2 using vacl.We configure sw1 as:Sw1(config)# ip access-list extende...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Redistribute BGP Routes to OSPF

Hi,BGP newbie here.  I was messing around with a few different configs on GNS3 and Packet tracer.  The lab I was trying to build was 2 seperate locations running OSPF, with a router in the middle running a basic BGP configuration.  Everything is work...

cdegroat82 by Beginner
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SGE2010 VLAN creation help

hey guys i need some help with VLAN creation on SGE2010 devices.I want to setup the following VLAN's1 - 10.0.5.x123 - 10.0.10.x124 - 10.0.11.x125 - 10.0.12.xI am just trying to figure out exactly how to accomplish this at the moment. I am reading in ...