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Port Configuration for Server Hosts

Hi folks, I am in the process of replacing some switches in our network. We are going from a 3750X stack to a 9300 stack. These switches are where our servers reside. Majority are ESXi hosts. I am confused on how to actually configure these ports. On...

chudd18 by Beginner
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Resolved! Error assigning port to VLAN on 877

I've got an 877 running IOS 12.4.6, and I want to create two VLANs (1 & 26)1 already exists, and all the ethernet ports are already in it.I create VLAN 26 by doing:int vlan 26 ip add x.x.x.x, if I go to an interface and do:int f0 swi...

implement redundancy

 How would you implement redundancy on the switches in this scenario? Is vPC the only way? Any other way this can be done with 2960x  and 9000 series switches?   

hmc2500 by Beginner
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C9200L  PACL Question

Does  , Anyone  can   make   sure   c9200L  network  essential  support   IPV4  PACL  or  not . All Document  I can  find    only mention    support   IPV6 PACL only.

el.wang by Beginner
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Upgrading Cisco 3850 switch to Fuji

Good afternoon, Upon upgrading a 3850 from 3.x.x.x to 16.09.06.SPA it will not go any further than: BAUD=9600BOOT=flash:packages.confBSI=0CFG_MODEL_NUM=WS-C3850-24P-LCLEI_CODE_NUMBER=IPMW600ARCDEFAULT_ROUTER=

nate_1386 by Beginner
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L3 switch and router IP configuration

I have a router (with dd-wrt) that is connected to WAN, and I have an SG350 switch which I want to connect to that router to share its internet connection. How do I actually implement the IP configuration between the router and the switch so that the...

Resolved! C3560X HSRP problem

Top-C3560X-48P-E 2 units:L3 mode, PVST, Downlink port Trunk, HSRP(vlan 10, 20, 30 ...)OS version-15.2(4)E9 Sub-C9300-48P-A several groups:L2 mode, RSTP, Uplink port TRUNKOS version-16.12.4 L3#1int vlan 10ip address ...

inb by Beginner
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Resolved! IPERF worthwhile in this case ?

Hello, we have some potential packet loss in our network which we are trying to identifyPING tests prove zero packet loss and latency normal.In this case, will IPERF testing with different TCP window sizing prove anything additional about potential p...

Hot swap stacking cables on 3750x stack?

Have a x5 switch stack of 3750x switches.  I need to physically move the the last switch farther down in the rack to make room for some cable management arms.  Because of this, I need a longer stacking cable for the "homerun" from the last switch bac...

CAT 9500 Licensing

Hello Community,   We have 10 Catalyst 9500, all of them have smart account license scheme. That devices come with Advantage Evaluation licences by default (both, the one of the device and the one of DNA suscription) and have 20 days left before the ...