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Hi All,I have a need to capture some traffic but my core 6513's are already using the limit of 2 span sessions. I can't edit any of the sessions either because I want to source traffic from vlans and you can only do one or the other. Is using a VACL ...

fhoban by Level 1
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Hi folks, we recently acquired a new company and I am trying to get my head wrapped around their network setup until I physically go out there to refresh the network. I have a bit of a trivial situation and am wandering if someone can help me out.I h...

Ricky S by Level 3
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Hi ExpertsI  ping server in the same LAN (in place LAN stretching between DC-1(6500) and D-2(6500)while the distance is 20klm over single mode ) approximately the average is 8 Reply's and around 10 time out,where the problem is?how to to troubleshoot...

I am introducing a new switch to an existing network, however VLAN's don't appear to be propogating over VTP.Core Switch - 4506 ( Switch - 3 x 3750's ( two are connected via a trunk:4506 End:interface GigabitEthernet2...

by Not applicable
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Hello,I need to setup Voice and Data VLAN. (Setup - PoE phone connects to the switch, PC connects to the phone)Say like, I'm connecting the phone to Fa0/1, and I need the phone and the PC to be on a different VLAN using the same switch port Fa0/1. Is...

Hi Folks,I have a pair of 3560's configured with dot1q trunks between them carrying a number of VLANs.Once deployed there will be a requirement for these physical trunks to be disconnected from time to time. Knowing that this is inevitable I am tryin...

Let's say I have two routers (A and B) each with their own ISP connection, with router A acting as the default gateway for the internal network. I want to configure policy based routing on router A to send traffic from specific internal sources out r...

Resolved! Configuring a Vlan

I have a network with IP phones. The phones are connected to the switch and the computers are connected to the phones. How can I setup a vlan on the switch.to.route traffic comming from the phone to 1 router and the computer data through another rout...

Dear All,Please let me know.Is it posible to config port forwarding on cisco 2950 or other switchs.if such a option is there ple let me know ho to config port forwarding on cisco 2950 switch..ThanksSrinivas. N

I would like to know if there is a good tool for netflow analysis out there.  I have tried manageengine and solarwinds offerings but they are not very good(dns resolution being the main issue).  I need something that provides reports that you would g...

mialbert by Level 1
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