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Folks,          I have a 3560 and when I try the "mls qos trust cos" command under the port channel interface it does not work. Any ideas?The command does work under the indiviual interfaces but not under the port channel interface.cat3560(config)#in...

Resolved! Vlan Overlaping

Hi I am using Jermey's new CBT nuggets for CCNA and was making topology on gns3 all is going well but when I tried to make vlan interfaces its give me this error.interface vlan 64ip address "Voice Vlan"interface vla...

fasi25300 by Level 1
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Hey folks, Im getting in a new 3560X (WS-C3560X-48PF-S) switch in very shortly and Im going to be taking my single flat network and implementing Vlans (about 7 in total) Im going to be using this new 3560X switch to do the inter-vlan routing. My ques...

Resolved! VLANs & Interfaces

A quick (possible dumb) question.If I have a layer 3 switch and let's say that FA0/1 is set to access vlan 1.  If I change it so that it is no longer a switchport but an IP port by typing:" ... conf tint fa0/1no switchportip add 255.255...

zyang by Level 1
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Hi NetPro´s,I´m actually working on a Intercom solution that should be able to broadcast the UDP RTP stream to different locations (over the WAN).Therefore I already tested a behaviour (with NAT) to convert a single UDP stream (that will be send over...

I am looking at the utilization on a Catalyst 3560-E.  I am running a test with eight 1 GIGE links RXing at 95 % utilization.  All of the traffic is going to a TenGigE port.  The device on the TenGigE port is echoing back all of the traffic received,...

ncsuser by Level 1
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Hi NetProNow i have extended 3 Servers VLANs(120,121,122) from DC1 to DC2 over L2 trunk over dark fiber.i hust allowed these 3 VLAN s to cross the trunk along with "STP BPDUFILTER ENABLE" for stability in the both DCs,when i issue the command "sh vla...

Hi,I am handling the network with a lot of layer3, layer2 switches. There is a need to clean up the vlans that is no longer in use. Some vlans have vlan interface ip and some vlans do not have interface IP. The VTP operating mode is transparent.Is th...