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Hi all,I am in the process of migrating from a single 6509 to a pair of Nexus 7010's running vPC. I have 2 WAN routers (each connects to a separate WAN provider) connecting to the 6509 today. As I am migrating to a pair of Nexus 7010's running vPC I ...

dtran by Frequent Contributor
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Hi,this is my first post.I`m working in networking and i`m a  CCNA&CCNP&JNCIA.Today at one of my clients i found a strange design. He has a mix vendor network core.He cannot add or remove any equipement.In the first raw there is a Juniper J series an...

Hello,I have a need to redistribute a route into our network, however, as it passes over a particular link I want to increase the metric in order to prevent it clashing with a route that will be coming from another device.  Is there a way to do this ...

BlueyVIII by Beginner
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Resolved! Subnet Question

We have two 3750 core switches which will have six 2960 edge switches connecting it. We have three vlans:vlan 1 - 2 3 servers are using 10.1.1.xMy workstations are u...

Hi, I have a cisco 6509 that is the root bridge doing rapid PVST and a bunch of connected 3524XL switches doing the default IEEE spanning tree protocol. On the 6500 all connected 3500 switch ports are part of vlan 150 however on the 3500 i only have ...

With Matt Blanshard and Jane Gao Welcome to the Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. This is an opportunity to ask your toughest layer 2 questions to two of the technical leaders of the San Jose LAN Switching team, Matt Blanshard and ...

Hello,We have two switch cisco  3560 with the same default priotity STP of: 32768.They have only one vlan configured Vlan 1 (default).The BPDU will forward the best BRIDGE_ID:both switches have the same priority.but the switch with the less mac-addre...

Hi,I'm updating all my Cisco Catalyst 3560G-24TS with the new IOS 12.2.58 SE2, released at July 27, 2011.Everything works fine, except the web console. When I put the switch's IP on browser, it opens to me a menu, and one of the options is Web Consol...

Hello guys,I'm practicing for my CCIE lab. I'm trying to configure a very simple policy map to classify traffics and allocate bandwidth. I have tried it on a GNS3 virtual router 3725 as well as a real-world router 1841. However the "max-reserved-band...

Difan Zhao by Contributor
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Does Cisco support any other web content filtering other than Websense? What are most of you using? We're trying to avoid setting proxy servers up in browsers.Thanks!John* I realize this may be in the wrong forum - sorry... *

Hi guys,I have had time to figure what is wrong on me setup. I receive an Internet feed via two gigabit interfaces. The provide offer me a dual home setup where the managed the routing (BGP4). Their way to provide an unique path is via VRRP. Me provi...

Hello!!!I have four WS-C3750E-48PD-SF stacked but I need to stack one more.What are the steps I have to do to add a switch with the actual configuration?I have to stop the other switchs or can I do the change without service loosing?I have to pre-con...

skrowocsic by Beginner
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