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Span a vlan across multiple Catalyst 6509's

I have created vlan 400 on one 6509 (I have 4 total), I need to access this vlan from all 4 6509's.  What is the easiest way to accomplish this.  The VLAN is up and operational and devices connected to that vlan on that device work.  What do I need t...

marmour by Beginner
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Resolved! Etherchannel using LACP

Hello,Could anyone please explain me whether I can create a port channel using LACP with two different ports from two different switches. The senario is belowi want to connect two servers (with daul NIC). lets sayswitch_1 (port g0/5) to NIC_1 of serv...

connecting 3560 sw

hi!  i'm trying to connect 2x L3 3560 sw together to run hsrp. What's the different of connecting both switch together using etherchannel through the sfp (uplink port) vs the copper GigaEthernet Ports? Will there be lots of different in term of perfo...

dave dave by Beginner
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Resolved! Redundancy on Cisco Switch 6509

Hello,This is just a quick question on understanding the redundancy features on the 6509 Switch. If we configure the switch using the following commands, would it configure high availability so that it auto syncs commands between the active and secon...

sidcracker by Beginner
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Resolved! OSPF Stub Area and NSSA area..

Hi All,I am new on cisco and now reading the OSPF and have some  confusion in STUB area and OSPF NSSA area my confusion are as..1. where is the exit point os stub area ( Always in Area 0 ). and if the OSPF stub area Exit point is not in Area 0 but to...

Resolved! BGP AS question

Hi all,i was reading about BGP and it says ----It is important to remember that when a BGP speaker receives an update from other BGP speakers in its own AS (iBGP), the receiving BGP speaker will not redistribute that information to other BGP speakers...

Resolved! Link Aggregation - Cisco 1800 Series Router

Hello,I was just wondering if it is possible to setup Link Aggregation between the switch ports on a Cisco 1801 Router and a Catalyst 2950 switch.Also is it possible to set up link aggregation between a managed switch and an unmanaged switch?Thanks.J...

offpister by Beginner
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ssh on 6500-E

hi,I had to connect a 6500-E with sup 720 3B card via sshIt works well with putty, securecrt but when i try via HPOV, i have this message on 6500E:SSH2  1: Unexpected mesg type receivedorSSH2 0: Unexpected mesg type receivedios s72033-advipservicesk9...

fd_case17 by Beginner
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