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Also Posted at WAN switching & routing by mistake. We have two 4506's only doing layer2 and one VlanAnother vlan is requested.We don't want to mess with the WAN router.Is it just a config to add routing and Vlan, or is an upgrade necessary?Below is a...

yukster33 by Beginner
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All,Long time no speak! I've got a 3750 that has some vlans configured on it. We're moving a complete location to our corporate office, and I'm wanting to keep them the same way that they are over there. When they come in, they'll be getting rid of a...

Dear friends,I have a 4510-R-E switch with two 4200W power supplies operating in redundant mode.Each 4200W power supply has two AC inputs.Looking at the docs, i see that "each power supply operates at 50% capacity and providesthe same total power as ...

Dears,I am facing a problem with 6509-E in VSS enviorment. After the VSS configurations the line cards are not coming up.Supervisior : VS-S720-10G Line cards: WS-X6148A-GE-TX , It says unsupported modules found in slots.I have seen some docs says the...

ajinc by Beginner
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All,I am setting up a remote office, (basically an office with one or two people there), but i need to find out what equipment i need to get...Here are the ojectives...1. Setup a LAN2LAN IPSEC vpn to the main site.2. 8 computers (at the maximum)Shoul...

cisco_himg by Beginner
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Hi Everyone,I have a small problem in figuring out the following questionGiven that the maximum length of a 10Mb/s Ethernet is 1500m, computethe worst-case propagation delay (assume that the signal travels through themedium at 2   108 m/s). With this...

hi all,i enable mls netflow and ip route-cache flow in c7613, sup720-3bxl.conf tmls netflowint gi7/2ip route-cache flowabove configuration, i enabled mls netflow in global mode and applied "ip route-cache flow" for supervsor720 giga-ehternet interfac...

Hello,I have two Cat6500 running CatOS as access switches to my servers farms, I have enabled portfast per port basis where needed and enabled portfast bpdu guard globally, so my question is how about guard root? Do I need to enable this features? be...

I have Cat 4506 with  Cisco IOS Software, Catalyst 4000 L3 Switch Software (cat4000-I9K91S-M), Version  12.2(25)EWA.This Version is not support for WCCP Service.Could you Please Suggest me which IOS Software version will support WCCP feature.