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3750 MPLS ring Jumbo MTU problem

Hi all, I wanted to run this by someone to see if they had an easy answer. We fixed the problem but we'd like to know why it was an issue.The ring in questions is a 8 node MPLS ring using 3750MEs. There is a head-end switch where clients around the r...

EIGRP and IGRP lab

Hi,I finished a CCNA course and managed to setup at home a small OSPF network, then moved onto a EIGRP network and all worked, however I have noticed we missed the IGRP routing protocol on the course. Is this just the same as EIGRP but internal on a...

whiteford by Beginner
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3750E 3750 stack upgrade

I have a mixed stack consisting of one 3750E switch with a number of 3750 switches. There is a separate download from the 3750E and 3750. I normally use Cisco's CNA product to upgrade our switch stacks. What software image does one use in a mixed sta...

cef2lion2 by Beginner
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routing descisions

Hi all, can anyone tell me, If I have a router that has a static route pointing say the network at another hop, I then redistribute this into my eigrp network, If then on another remote location I setup the network and redist...

Cisco 4948 - status is failed

While the Cat 4948 boots I see following:Power-on-self-test for Module 1: WS-C4948 Port/Test Status: (. = Pass, F = Fail, U = Untested)Port Traffic: L2 Asic Loopback ... 0: F 1: F 2: F 3: F 4: . 5: . 6: F 7: . 8: F 9: F 10: . 11: F 12: F ...

SSH Connection Problems

Could use some help here. I have an older version of Cirrus Config Manager that I used to upload config changes. It logs in to systems using SSH. Occasionally after it logs in though, something happens and I can no longer connect using SSH to that...

pyrodie18 by Beginner
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Ip-helper question

Hi all,We have two ip-helper on our vlan 5.It seems to take the first one every time and the DHCP scope are always full.Any sugestion what we should do?interface Vlan5 ip address ip helper-address ip helper-address ...

DNS configuration

Dear allToday I have connected a branch office with our main office with 1841 router and 2 mbps leased line.Everything is fine.We can access our intranet from remote office.Now I want that the remote office users will connect to main office domain co...