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I have a Catalyst 3750 running IOS V 12.2(25r)IPSERVICES. I want to enable IP SLA but it appears the switch does not support it. I thought that IP SLA was supported on these switches. Does anyone know if this feature is supported on 3750 with IOS v...

<br />I have 2 queries on RAS VPN connection.<br /><br />1. I have configured 2 PC's to connect to VPN server which are connected thru ADSL NAT connection. I have 2 VPN servers <br /><br />configures one as primary and another as backup. It seems lik...

avilt by Level 3
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HiI have a 3550 with the image c3550-i5q3l2-mz.121-12c.EA1.bin and i have configured it to act as a DHCP Sever but it is not able to give the ip address to the hosts.Any pointer's .ThanksMahmood

I am advertising a loopback from a router and the mask on the loopback is same as the interface sending out the RIP updates. for example r1int loopback 0ip add int serial 1/0ip address (this interface sendin...

Hi,Currently we are enrolling Catalyst 3560 switches in our network to connect to our MPLS backbone. We've used Catalyst 3550 before and based on that platform we've developed a “standard” configuration we are using. In this template we apply a â...

HI,We have two cisco 6500 switch and i need to run HSRP for redunancy between the switch but my query is since we have lot of VLAN created in primary switch how i can deploy the HSRP between them whether i need to have different HSRP group for each V...

Have a strange situation I never came across. Customer has a bunch of switches and is not paying attention when he sets them up so they are all in VTP server mode (default) with no domain specified.He plugs in another switch with a VTP domain specifi...

cdusio by Level 4
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Hi NetPro,something new to me, wish netpro can share to me and guide me how to resolve this.Upstream Switch A- model WS-C3750G-12S-S (version 12.2(35)SE5)Downstream Switch B - Model WS-C3560-24PS-S ( version 12.2(35)SE5)vtp domain - jackvtp mode - tr...

ney25 by Level 2
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Not so much a problem but a question. I'd like to create multiple ether channels spanning across two module blades - 4 interfaces per blade to a single server (8 interfaces in total), how would you recommend this be configured? If one blade goes down...

I have an esoteric question -here's my setup:6509ospf<--->fx2940copper<--->2651ospfthe 2940 is just being used as a fancy media converter, fiber in, copper out, all the packets wizzing through on vlan 2.you can check arps, rarps, macs, the 2940 is to...