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Loopback interface unreachable

HI ,i wold like to know about layer 2 switch loopback interface unreachable problem.i have the 2960 lanbase switch. I would like to create loopback interface for some purpose.i have the one vlan. let say vlan id is 10. i would like to get connectivit...

MrBeginner by Enthusiast
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sg200-10fp layer2

I have a cisco sg200-10fp layer2 ,the power led is blinking, but the, Ethernet ports are not coming up, sometimes it comes up and after 15mins they go off again, any hints that might be causing this?

nkirui by Beginner
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Cisco 9300 Stack Issues

We have 2 9300's in a stack and are noticing a large amount of Total output drops on the interfaces.  Every up port seems to have output errors and even after a clear interfaces stats....but the output drops increase even with Minimum load. We also h...

joeharb by Contributor
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Resolved! C9500-32QC - Support for 10Gbps

One of our clients wants to upgrade their core devices, currently they are connecting to the other Switches at 10G, but will upgrade the other devices next year to 40G.Is it possible to configure the interfaces of the C9500-32QC, to run at 10G and us...

ShaunGreen by Beginner
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Simulate simulate broadcast streams

Hi I'd like to know if it would be possible to simulate broadcast streams in Cisco cml?  so I I had 2 offices 3 switches at each office and a router on each end connecting the wan. I doubt it tbh, but thought I'd just ask. Cheers

MSTP with inline firewall

Hi all Does MSTP block if it receives its own BPDU ? e.g.  - send BPDU on 1/0/1        - received own BPDU on 1/0/5        - will MSTP block 1/0/5 ? Thank you

SJ K by Contributor
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Resolved! Catalyst 9600 - StackWise Virtual in dual-supervisor mode: Active supervisor goed down

Hi, I have a doubt about the behavior of the VirtualSTacck Wise. If the active SUP goes down the stand-by SUP takes control thanks to the SSO. Are the line cards of the chassis with the supervisor down, managed by the supervisor of the other chassis,...