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Cisco 2950

Hi all,Pls is it possible to know the amount of bandwidth going through each port on 2950 swicth?Can i also know the same i.e the amount of bandwidth going through a 6513 switch?please this is urgent....thanks

mychoice by Beginner
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VLAN Question.

All, is it perfectly legit, to have a vlan 202 with an IP range of 10.3.11.x and a vlan 203 with an IP range of 10.3.10.x? does that work, does that still prevent broadcast traffic?

rwamstutz by Beginner
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cannot ping anywhere on 3750 switches

I can pass traffic thru the switches but when I'm logged into the switches on the console port, I can't ping anything, not even the default gateway. here's my config:version 12.2no service padservice timestamps debug datetime localtimeservice timest...

gflorescu by Beginner
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3825 IOS upgrade

Cisco 3825 running advanced IP Services and the Version is 12.4(11t). The IPS is not working properly, someone recommend they upgrade to a later version.What damage can be done by upgrading to a later version?

Etherchannel problem

I have a 3750 stack in one of my MDFs, this stack connects to 4 additional 3750 stacks via redundant fiber connections (2 connections to each IDF). I have bundled each of the fiber connections, but I just noticed that when I do a "show etherchannel ...

griffijo by Beginner
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Resolved! trunk not working

Hi,I have an a simple configuration between two switches.An 2950 with IOS 12.1(20)EA1a connected in trunk to an 2960 with IOS 12.2(25r)SEE1.I have configured the same vtp domain name, I see from command "sh int status"that both port link are in trunk...

lformelli by Beginner
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eigrp routing

Hi all, If I have 2 sites both on a subnetted 10.x.x.x/24 network and I leave the auto summary command left on, will this not work as it thinks they both on the same network, will i need to use the no auto summarary command here ?

Resolved! Switchport Trunking

Hi All, According to all books read, taught and tutorial followed, configuring Vlan trunking encapsulation is as follows1.Switch(config)#int fa0/232.Switch(config-if)#switchport mode trunk3.Switch(config-if)#switch trunk encap islBut this has a...

newnetman by Beginner
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