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Dear Experts,Maybe It is so strange question.We are planning to remove the dust on the Cisco routers and switchs.Does anyone know that dust removing plan and recomendation protocal?Thanks advance

Guys,I have a very wierd confusion!Does it really required to have two routers of same IOS version/model/running-config for running them for HSRP? Why I'm asking this is : I have two offices which connect through a metro ethernet (each ofice has one ...


Hi,How we can convert the port into blocking or listening or root port with the help of Stp? please give replay for this doubt.thanks Sham

Scenerio:-Both locations have Multi Layer Switches. Location "A" -> 100mb FastEthernet, "no switchport", Layer 3 interface, with IP address configured /30 subnet mask. Location "B"-> 100mb FastEthernet Layer 2 interface, "switchport vlan 10" with VLA...

hi allcan someone please point me in the direction of a cisco router which has 4 ethernet ports (1 for each different network/subnet). Is this possible as the ones I seem to have come across only have one ethernet port and i cant seem to find expansi...

SOL10 by Level 1
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Hi all,I have 3 6500's, SW1(6513) SW2(6513) and SW3(6509) which I just implemented 2 days ago.SW3: After setting up all VLAN's along with the default VLAN 1, and connecting our LAN Extension that goes back to SW1 and SW2, I can ping between all switc...

pipsadmin by Level 1
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Resolved! 6500 CSM

The stupid manual does not give units for the interval used by a probe...does anyone know if these units are seconds or minutes?

We are installing IP Phones and PBX from a vendor that is not Cisco. I have a problem with QoS.The phones are marking voice with CoS 5 and DSCP EF, and signalling with CoS 3 and DSCP AF31. So I have set all my priority queues to handle the CoS 5, a...

Hi,May i know the submask used for Class D &class E range of ip add..and also why we are using as loopback add ?Regards Sham.

I'm trying to Etherchannel in two ports 2/1-2 in WS-C2948G with Cisco 6509 both running CatOS. Everytime I configure ports on 2948 to channe-mode desirable silent but it always show up as non-silent and therefore doesn't bind in the Etherchannel. Can...

nawas by Level 4
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Hi all, I have a problem with a router cisco 837 on my work. That is the configuration: 1 DSL Wan Interface named ATM0.1 with the external ip Ex: and NAT outside, and the ethernet interface with internal ip ex: and NAT inside...

alfil2k08 by Level 1
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