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Newbie,,telnet question

Hi,,,,I have 5 remote sites connected by frame-relay. Router0 is the host and routers 1-5 are the remotes. When I telnet into anyone of the remotes, it opens the session and I get the password login, but after I enter the password to start the sessio...

ageorgia by Beginner
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Resolved! DHCP VLAN and Catalyst 4500

I am working on a Catalyst 4510(R) with a Supervirsor Engine: WS-X4516, IOS version 12.2(18)EW2. According to the Cisco Doc: http://www.cisco.com/univercd/cc/td/doc/product/software/ios120/120newft/120t/120t1/easyip2.pdf The DHCP Server is not suppo...

rhowell by Beginner
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Static NAT, different ports... help!

Sorry for bothering with such silly question but in never really happened to me to do something like this so I ask your help.So: i need to create a static NAT entry so that the outside, say, TCP/9000 would be statically NATted to, say, T...

How to connect 2 router LAN's together

I have an ADSL router connected to an ISP. It's LAN address is to this router is another router (A VPN router). It's WAN address is And it's LAN address is, I am unable to ping anything on the first rou...

dsmcphee1 by Beginner
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LAN Router CPU Uti 99%

Hi,Anyone encounter this weird uti before? I have few 2500/2600 routers are having same problem. They are just for interfaces LAN/Token Ring only.Is that IOS bug?

lawwm by Beginner
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DHCP over different vlans

Hi,I'm building a lab and want to know if it's possible to assign different dhcp pools to a vlan. I want to use the built-in dhcp server in a 2811 router. I've build a router-on-a-stick with 3 sub-interfaces and 3 vlans. I get in all the 3 vlans an i...

mvraam by Beginner
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Allow Internet Access

Hello,I just did my CCNA certification during night class because i wanted to know how to manage the network in my own business.I did set up and configure my network which consists of 52 computers. Everybody is able to communicate with each other bu...

Intermitent Loss of Network Connectivity

Lately, some users in our network (a gigabit switched network) have been experiencing intermitent loss of connectivity to their network servers/resources. The message reads: "The connection to the remote computer was broken. This may have been caused...

Serial line will not stay up

I am unable to get my back to back serial line to stay up. I configure 2 2501 routers as such:Router1e0 - /24s0 - /24s1 - /24Router2e0 - /24s0 - /24s1 - /24Router 1 has the DCE end of...

jake052399 by Beginner
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Connection reset

Hi, Over last few weeks we are having intermittent difficulties in connecting to unix/microsoft servers, where our e mails and Microsoft documents are stored. We will get notices on pcs, that we are no longer connected to server, and after a few minu...

aap78 by Beginner
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