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CCNA test scores

Someone mentioned to me that companys have the ability to find out how well you did when you took your CCNA and how you rate. Is this true, can companys find out how you rated on your test?Also, does anyone know the test # that relates to Cisco acade...

simpsoro1 by Beginner
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Web Filtering Software

HiI have 100 user and maximum user use internet. I have also proxy server.but problem is many users goes to sex and pronography site and many times download picture.I want by internet filtering software block and monitoring web content .can anyone he...

iqbalkhan by Beginner
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Router vs Firewall

First I can connect several PCs to a router, then connect this router to an ADSL modem, and finally via this model (which is connected to an local ISP), all the PCs on the LAN can access to the internet;Now, let's do this with a firewall, i.e., conne...

otnj2ee by Beginner
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uplink Problem Catalyst 2950

We hv a 2950 catalyst switch, it was running fine in the network some day ago. Now it does'nt work with uplink, whenever we connect to it another switch(D-Link) it light remains orange(uplink port, other are running fine(Green Light)) & no connectivi...

blue4cisco by Beginner
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Uploading Cfg file to Cisco 831

Really new here to Cisco. Our netwok administrator was let go and I am running the show now but am having a problem with uploading a config file to our Cisco 831 which is acting as a firewall to a T1 line. I am so newbie to Cisco so bear with me pl...

subnets on a switch

HelloI have a few switches with the ip address as 10.0.0.x /8.I am connecting to these switches (http or telnet etc.) via computers that have an ip of 10.100.100.x /24. 1.Aren't these computers on a different subnet? How am I connecting?2.I've thus f...

eddievanw by Beginner
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architecture of firewall, cache, HTTP, and DMZ

Assume the Web Cache server is located in the DMZ while the HTTP Server and the (web) application server is located behind the firewall (private LAN).1) Some resources mentioned that it is usual to place the web cache server behind the firewall but i...

otnj2ee by Beginner
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837 and BOOTP??

Good day everyone,one of my customers needs to use a Cisco 837 as bootp server for its network. Do you have any idea if it's possible? and, if so, how can i configure it?Thanks a lot for your patience

Help config a 1601

I needed to add an address to my router to allow an additional vpn connection. I copied the config from my Cisco 1601 router to a word document and change the ip addresses to accomidate the new VPN. I then copied the modified code to the router. I...

kwheeler02 by Beginner
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PIX 501 related

I would like to use the PIX 501 firewall for the following purposes, but not so sure if it can handle them:1) support 3 interfaces: inside, outside, and a DMZ? 2) Remotely configure/maintain the firewall using command-line interface (CLI) via VPN?3)...

otnj2ee by Beginner
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