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Hi,On C6500, Cisco seem to rarely give recommended settings for Rx, only for Tx.I think this is because they say Rx congestion rarely occurs.For the sake of this discussion I'd like to assume it can occur (which has some basis in fact when you consid...

I have 2 nics in my server and neither can be disabled in order to do some testing. I need to perform a traceroute from NIC #2 to see if it's going the right path. What windows command line do i use to specify use NIC #2 as the source address? Tha...

osmhquser by Beginner
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I've just set up a static route in my 3750 (which has been working happily for 2 years). The route looks OK but it doesn't actually work. Is there some other setting needed?Here's what I did (first 2 quads replaced by aaa.bbb):=== SET UP THE ROUTE ...

Hi,I've implemented a LAN with Catalyst 6513 and a Catalyst 3750 providing for a redundant distribution layer. I use HSRP between these devices, but I see the Cat3750 only supports 32 VLAN interfaces. The reason I went with the 3750 is that it is a m...

deanyoung by Beginner
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Most protocols, e.g., TCP, only utilize full bandwidth on one half of a bi-directional connection.Is this true that on a link of 100Kbps one way direction traffic can use only 50Kbps ??regardsNeo

cisco by Beginner
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Hi all, I have a router with a dual ip address on the inside interface, Can I nat some addresses to ip ranges within both of the subnets on my inside interface ?

Guys,We have inherited a customer network as below.B1-----ISDN BACKUP||3COM 4924||A1-----FRAME RELAYThe 1750 router - call it A1 - is the main FR link to site, and the 1750 router - call it B1 - is the ISDN backup. The link between the two is a flat...

dchaytor by Beginner
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Hi,I am configuring a Catalyst 4000 layer 3 switch. I have 6 VLAN and subinterfaces for inter-VLAN routing. I plug a PC to one of the VLAN but couldn't get an IP address from DHCP server. This only happens when PC and DHCP server are on different VLA...

kokkiong77 by Beginner
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hi All,I have Cisco 3750 24 + 2SFP connects to cisc 3845 router using SFP ( both Cisco). The link is up and I can ping to the router. However when I reload the router, the SFP switch port is down. I need to enable switch port to bring it up.Does anyo...

HI! i need help fast!!! how can i connect to a 2520 router console and with what program and settings! i have the cable, but nothing is showing up under hyper terminal!! thx!