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We've just taken over IT management at a new location. They have two 2950 Catalyst switches. We haven't really worked all that much with Cisco switches, so we're having some problems figuring this one out.In their computer lab, they didn't have enoug...

Hi,I am trying to immplement VLAN on a FLAT network and need soem information please.I can create the VLANS on my Cisco 4510 R swicth and varuios other CAT switches. I can also configure the router for that purpose bytr what I don't know and am confu...

gmaccisco1 by Beginner
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Hi! I got a Cisco 2621 router (without any vlan) that i'm trying to use it as a dhcp server to assign ip to the hosts. Any idea how can i do it? Thanks.

dkblee by Beginner
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Hey...Today I created 2 vlans. One works, the other doesn't. I'm defining "works" as a workstation on a port in the vlan, with an IP address in the correct subnet, can ping the interface address for that vlan.Here's what I did:.interface Vlan240..d...

what is the switchover time in SSO mode, we had an outage where MSFC from active SUP and it failed over to standby but we experienced almost 7min outage? we are running 12.2(18)SXF4 on MSFC and 8.5(2) on the SUP.

nawas by Enthusiast
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Hi all,I have a very strange problem occuring - i currently have a 4507R hooked up to a 3548 switch. When performing a continuous ping from a host sitting off the 4507 to the 3548 vlan interface i receive a very inconsistent ping rate? ranging from 1...

I'm trying to setup a span from two 6513 and have the folowing issue.I have the two switch connected together with a channel-group trunk.The span is limited to 128 ports on the 6500 so I can only use vlans as source.I have the span traffic from each...

bdecout by Beginner
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I have a pix firewall to connect some hosts from internet to enteprise intranet.The pix is conencted to ADSL modem and one cisco switch. The hosts will be connected to the switch and then will receive ip address from the pix. I want to connect one AP...

I have just been reading up on this, which part is the encryption, is it the ip-sec part or the 3DES ? im unsure of what does what ? please help

Hi,Router 2503, Version 12.0(8).when upgrade IOS of router 2503, it's displayed below error. The connection between tftp server and router is ok, i checked to restore running-config is successful.Regards,Samuel----------------------------------------...