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HelloI want replace core switch(alcatel 9702e -> cisco nexus 9508),there have 3 edge switch (cisco Catalyst 9200)when I connect cisco nexus  9508 to  alcatel 9702e ,edge switch 9200 got error the old network topology is (alcatel 9702e) - (alcatel 690...

I have a program with SG300-28, does not pass DHCP queries passing through the device. I will give examples of testsA - Roter Mikrotik, with DHCP Server enabled.B - Cisco SG300-28C - AP - WiFi Access Point UbiquitiD - simple switch TP-LINKL - AP WiFi...

j.sarnecki by Level 1
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Tengo un Switch Catalyst 2960s, el cual a empezado a deja de dar alimentación POE en puertos en los que tengo instaladas 10 cámaras IP, deja de proveer POE lo cual genera que las cámaras se reinicien, esto lo a empezado a presentar una vez por semana...

Hi, The IEEE recommendation is to consider a maximum diameter of seven bridges for the default STP timers, but does someone knows what is the diameter limit for RSTP ? What should we expect from a RSTP loop with a diameter more than 7 hops ? I am a...

Hello Folks! I have a nexus 3k as L2 configured just the mgmt0 with an IP with default route on the management VRF point to that is my firewall.I can´t even ping the core from any device, much less access by remote access.Anyo...

We are facing smart licensing registration issue with 9k switches already registered with on-prem satellite server after upgrading the IOS XE to latest IOS version.After IOS upgrade on 9300 / 9200L switch models from IOS XE 16.9/16.12 to latest IOS X...

Abhi@BT by Level 1
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Hi All   We have VXLAN EVPN network, and is integrating with the old datacenter using OTV.  All the leaf switches run anycast gateways, which is fine..  Border leaf connects to the OTV router (N7K VDC), and also has the anycast gateway configured.. T...

Hi All, I need some advice, can we binding 15 mac-address in cisco router (ISR) or every ip bind we must using new ip pool ? i used router ISR for my production and need to bind 15 MAC Thank you for your support BR