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WS-C2960X-48TS-L Boot Fail

Hello guys, I got that problem with my switch, it just says `BOOT FAIL` in PuTTY and also fan is not working. I changed fan with another working one but still fan is not working and still I got same problem. Is there any suggestions what should I do?...

cisco 3850 stack no role

Hi, everybodySome issues with the Cisco 3850 stack version 16.09.03Why did he miss the instruction to change the "role"?I am pretty sure that version 16.06.03 is a command with a "role"Because I need to change all 3850 characters from standby to acti...

No MAC Table Entry but full arp table ?

Hi, We are using HSRP with our Cisco 881 routers connected with single switch as per topology attached. A strange thing happened today. A sudden packet loss appears in the network. I login to the primary router. I pinged all the devices and Internet ...

usmansa1 by Beginner
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6509E Blade Replacement

I have a 6509E with a WS-X6748-GE-TX line card.  The line card failed and I have a replacement ready.  The Nortel/Avaya chasis that I have worked with in the past had a firmware for the line card that needed to match the code the switch is running.  ...

Private-VLAN and trunk configuration

Hello, I need help with Private-VLAN configuration. This is something that I haven't done before and I have ran into issues during the configuration. To give some background, I am trying to configure Private-VLAN for clients to be on isolated VLAN to...

FW1 Active.png FW2 Active.png
tigerjj85 by Beginner
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ExpertsPlease I need some help with this: ExpertsPlease I need some help with this: I have a Cisco 6509 (CORE 1) that is connected to another switch 6509 (CORE 2), but on March 14 the adjacency with the other networks was lost, so all the neighbors i...

3850-48 Port Switch Reboots in ROMMON

 I have a 48 port 3850 switch that reboots into ROMMON every time the switch is recycled....can you please provide what the confreg settings should be. To get the switch to boot into full operational mode I have to console into the switch and run the...

johnmike by Beginner
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NTP problem FMC

hi all i have problem in my fmc cisco virtual i configured the fmc to take the time from NTP server in my AD server and i allowed the port 123/UDP to this server but the FMC always use the own time  remote refid st t when poll reach delay...

Hacen.bani by Beginner
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RENN in a box

Hello,Has anyone heard of RENN in a box? Something that has just come out. Its supposed to be an "alternate" for flexlink. As Cisco is not supporting Flexling on IOS XE now, they are suggesting this alternate. Having said that, its not a matured feat...

Taandav21 by Beginner
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