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Hi All, For my home automation i am looking for a layer 3 switch that meets the following criteria. Currently using 3750 but having issues for the last couple of days. Any suggestion will be appreciated.1. Fanless (for quiet operation) 2.PoE (for sur...

reashad by Level 1
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studying for CCNAi have two questions  when i make vlans say vlan 2,3 then exit why don't they show up in my running config or show ip interface brief. and for the second question when i use show ip interface brief and it show that a vlan is status u...

Resolved! Hosted Voice/VOIP

When dealing with Hosted Voice and VOIP phones connected to your Switches and Firewalls, what are some settings you'd recommend for an ideal environment? For example, what I notice the most is boradcast storm level 10 along with being attached to vla...

For a couple years, this switch has been trouble free.  Now, all of a sudden I've noticed that it likes to randomly reboot. If I unplug all cables from it and start to plug them back in, its ok for the first cable.  Second cable plugged in... reboots...

repulsor by Level 1
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I would like to change MTU on my switch . but I found in documentation for procedure need to reload. I would like to make sure change MTU on switch 2960x Version 15.2 must reload switch or not  Please suggest me. 

jewfcb001 by Level 4
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Hi Guys. I need to upgrade the 4451 from 16.9.2 to 16.9.5. Humbly requesting for your advice on the steps. Currently on the show version, it readsSystem image file is "bootflash:isr4400-universalk9.16.09.02.SPA.bin"and show startup-config has only:bo...

Ravs by Level 1
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