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Layer3 Switch - Firewall on a stick

I have a catalyst 9300 as L3 switch and a Fortinet Firewall.I have multiple L3 vlan interfaces on the switch, and therefore shows their subnets as CONNECTED in the router table.I would love to have the full power of the fortigate between the 2 vlans ...

Cisco 2960 Image transfer

Hi all,I currently have a 2960 in rommon mode with no available images on it. I have had 8 attempts at transferring a new image to it via xmodem which takes 5 hours each time and it gets to 100% and then fails with an I/O error listed on the switch c...

Hobi by Beginner
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Simple SSH Connection 9400 Not Working

Is there something different about configuring SSH on a 9407 with a C9400-SUP-1?  Currently there's no configuration on the device except for an IP address on the management port and ssh.  I've gone through the same procedures we've always used and v...

2960X Switch Booting Loop

Afternoon all,  I have a stack of 5 switches currently running IOS version c2960x-universalk9-tar.152-7.E5.tar. After a power outage on site the whole stack was down, upon reboot we lost switch 2. Now I have tried replacing the switch twice, as well ...

WakeL by Beginner
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ACL sequnce number not in order

Hi alli notice my ACL have sequnce number that is not in order, i thought the sequnce number should automagically goes in order, exmplae 10, 20, 30 ....... etc Switch#sh access-listsStandard IP access list 99    30 permit (328056 matches) ...

sj1031 by Beginner
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Can Spanning Tree sometimes fail?

Hallo,My colleagues were changing some cables in a customer's building and accidentally someone connected 2 access switches. Of course this created a loop and the whole network in this building went down. After a while, the network came back on and s...

JoyWN by Beginner
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Loss of Root Bridge and Reconvergence

I am trying to understand the mechanics and timing for the recovery from the loss of the root bridge.  From my limited knowledge of STP and RSTP, I suspect all ports would enter Blocking/Discarding while the new Root Bridge is elected, followed by th...

Mike Soha by Beginner
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Cisco Nexus N9K Loopback Testing

I've been trying to establish a configuration for performing loopback testing and this is the closest I have gotten.  Previously I was getting the message "Destination Host Unreachable" so I've made progress, but it's still not quite right.  Can anyo...

vondoom2 by Beginner
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Resolved! C2960L-SM - ssh connection not possible

Hi, I have a C2960L-SM and noticed that I can't connect over ssh anymore. I getssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host If I run show ip ssh it seems ssh is running:SSH Enabled - version 1.99 ... and so on What can I do? Especial...

tokon by Beginner
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3650 Output Discards

We have issues on all of our 3650's, we are getting a lot of output discards. I believe there is bug that can produce discards that arent actually there.Port              Align-Err FCS-Err Xmit-Err Rcv-Err UnderSize OutDiscardsGi1/0/1                ...