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SSH issue...maybe routing?

Before I wipe the router and start from scratch...i want to see if maybe i did something wrong so it doesn't happen again. I'm attaching the configs to the two switches/routers in question and a diagram that lays everything out.

I have my admin machine ( that i ssh into all the switches on my network. The network was setup before me and I'm now coming into it. All the addresses i've been shown to ssh into appear to mainly be VLAN 300. So i think i would call that the management vlan (cisco equipment is all new to me)

I just recently setup a new switch that will going at a remote location for wireless access points (vlan 322) that connects back to this site to a WLC and Cisco VoIP phones that will also go out there. (Access vlan 335 & Voice Vlan 308)

For now i'm just trying to see if i can get a machine on that switch to talk to DHCP from there all the back here.

I've been consoled into the entire time making changes to it directly. At first i wasn't able to see from the laptop i have setup behind but I added a route on and now i can see from that laptop (


1. From my admin machine I cannot SSH into whereas i can ssh into any other 18.0 switch on vlan 300.

2. (not really a problem but fyi) from my admin machine i can ssh into 18.0.18 and then ssh into 18.0.132 just fine.

3. From my admin machine i cannot ping whereas i can ping any other 172.18.0.x switch.


1. Manage the new switch from my admin machine or behind any 172.18.0.X switch.

2. Clients that I connect behind the like the laptop. (needs to be on the vlan 335) need to see the DHCP server to      receive a reservation that I've assigned to it. In reality I have about 4 switches in between and the DHCP server.

I have not yet worked on the VoIP phones or the Access Points talking through this switch back to the CO. I figured I should start with this first and the rest should be a little easier.

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