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Wake on LAN configuration with l3 links.


Hi, I am looking for opinions of the best way to deal with WOL. After converting all of the links from core to closet from l2 to l3 WOL broke. To get it working I either have to back out and convert my links back to l2 or turn on ip-directed broadcast and configure 15 additional helper addresses in every closet switch (there are 15 WOL servers that have to be able to contact all user systems)and then maintain this list if the servers IP changes or new servers are added. Thoughts?

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Bobby Thekkekandam
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Mike,

If you have servers whose NICs support 802.1q, you could trunk the server to the switches and have it participate in multiple VLANs. I don't know if this is a feasible solution from an upper layer standpoint, however.

Unfortunately, to use WOL across VLANs, there's not much of a way around enabling directed broadcast and maintaining a list of ip helper addresses due to the nature of WOL traffic.



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Thanks for the reply, unfortunately the servers are in different buildings and with my configuration there are no VLANs. Each switch is routed to the core and there is no 802.1q.

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