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Auto-Attendant Issues

Mike Matoska
Level 1
Level 1

Internal callers dialing all 10 Digits to a Call Handler the has the Option press 1 for English press 2 for Spanish it will always go to the Spanish option.

Internal Callers dial just the 5 digits Auto-attendant   functions properly 

Now we are getting a few reports that external inbound calls if its the Auto-Attendant is doing the Same thing you press 1 for English and it will go to the Spanish Menu


Now let me through a curve ball we have about 6 Call Handlers that had English and Spanish menu options so saying that know matter what call Handler you call and select English it sends you to Spanish to a Handler you did not even call, the call handlers auto-attendants have been in place so years with no Changes I've been here a year and this just started  a Month are so ago. Can it be anything with the Cisco CUBE  or or AT&T SIP Router.

Any input would be very helpful before I call TAC

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Check the Call Handler Traffic  report.

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Thanks for the Input but that just gives PEG count on call handlers? our issue is more I have contacted Cisco TAC and open a Case.

Thank You for the response. 

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