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Unity Conx call transfer, remove "wait while..."


Hi All,

I have unity conx 8.x. We trying to transfer call to IP Phone DN based on user input, in unity, using "Transfer to Alternate Contact Number" option in call action.

Call gets transfered but with a greeting "wait while I tranfer your call". This prompt is inconsistent with our promts which are in language other then english. Can we remove this  message"

- Saif

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Check the transfer rule of the target extension and uncheck the box:

Thanks for the reply.

My  problem is that the target entity is just a CUCM DN and not a call handler or a subscriber. So I dont have any settings for the target number in the Unity.


You can create a new call handler and assign with alternate target extension, and then use the transfer rules from call handler. As for caller input option, send it to this newly create call handler.


Rob Huffman
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Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Saif,

Is this transfer via Caller Input coming from a Call handler or user?



PS: Disabling the "Wait While I Transfer Your Call" Prompt

By default, Cisco Unity Connection plays the "Wait while I transfer your call" prompt when it transfers a call to an extension. Some callers do not like hearing the prompt, and for this reason, you may want to specify that Connection does not play it.

You configure whether or not the prompt will be played on the Edit Transfer Rule page for a specific user or call handler transfer rule.

Hello Rob. Is it possible to disable the "Wait While I Transfer Your Call" Prompt when the call is being transfered due a call handle -> caller input ->(option selected) ->transfer to alternate contact number?


Garrett Hensley

I realize this is a very old question, but I have just ran into this myself. The "wait while I transfer your call" has no way to be disable that I can see if you are transferring to an alternate contact number, in my case an external number. How can I remove or change this prompt?



Rob Huffman
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Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Garrett,

There is finally a bug/enhancement request open for this functionality, until then you will have to use the workaround listed below. It isn't really meant to scale but is fine for one-ups;



"Wait While I Transfer Your Call" control for Caller input transfers
When transferring the call via System Call Handler -> Caller input -> Transfer to Alternate Contact number, the user can hear "Wait While I Transfer Your Call" and there is no option to disable it.


Send the call to another Call Handler using transfer option and disable the prompt on transfer rules there. This can be done as follow:
-create a new Call Handler, without extension, e.g. Call Handler CH-Test-1
-on the Call Handler CH-Test-1 go to Edit > Transfer Rules > Alternate
-set the Alternate Transfer Rule to Enabled With No End Date and Time, set the Transfer Calls To Extension (provide Extension in CUCM you wish to transfer call to) and uncheck the Play the Wait While I Transfer Your call Prompt option
-next, go to the original Call Handler, then go to Edit > Caller Input > select the digit under which the action for transfer
-under Caller Input for a digit select Action : Call Handler, select CH-Test-1 from the drop down list and select option Attempt Transfer


Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

I am doing Cisco for many years, but still I can't understand the logic behind "Wait while I transfer your call"

So annoying, and absolutely not necessary, especial when not living in English speaking countries

What was Cisco thinking?



You can install a language pack for the cisco unity server and this part will play in your language, all what you have to do is change the system handler language.


My customers don't want to hear it in any language :)

It is just nonsense to play this message


Actually it makes sense to me, this message is like a confirmation that you dialed the number correctly and you will be transferred shortly,

when i hear this message i know for sure the transfer worked,

If it doesn't fit you you can do the workaround :)

We run Unity Connection version which is affected by bug CSCuy17961 so we had to go for the workaround that really doesn't scale well. Thank you Rob, you helped me out.


I had this today so I dug a little deeper.


If you have a Call Handler transferring to a user after the greeting (no digits pressed) or you want to transfer to user inside of "caller input" menu you need to do this:

Select "user with mailbox"

Check the box for "attempt transfer"

Go to the user you are sending to

Edit/Transfer Rules

Select the "standard" rule

Uncheck the box for "Play the wait while I transfer your call" here

thanks dear @joe 

your solution fixed my problem..


i un-checked option "please wait i transfer your call" in call-handler menu,

but we still hear that voice,

i realized that's because when Call-Handler transfer call to a DN, and if that DN is assigned to a user in CUC itself,

CUC will check "Transfer Rules" of this user, and by-default, that option is checked and prompt will play..

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