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Unity voicemail relay to Google Apps


Hello, I have deployed CUC 11.5. There is not any domain and internal email server. The company's email server is in Google with comany's domain ( I want to relay voicemails to user's email account to google. Can you send me headlines with steps what should I do for it?
Should I change smtp domain name in CUC?
Should I have seperate SMTP smart host to relay?
Should smtp smart host be internal, or can use google's relay service (for ex.
Thank you

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Dennis Mink

CUC natively intergrates with MS exchange, not with Gmail.

if you want to send Vociemail notifications to Gmail, you will need to go towards "intelligent notifications".

which is more like Fire and forget.

check this post:

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I don't mean integration. There might be relay functionality. Because there is SMTP Smart Host in CUC to relay messages to email servers.

Version 10.5 had the capability to send a copy of the voicemail to Gmail. The user would have to delete the message in Gmail and on the phone.

On 10.5 after bringing up a user, under edit, message actions, voicemail, select Accept and Relay the Message

In the Relay Address enter the google address.

Warning - If the SMTP Proxy address and Relay Address are same for the user, then a voice message is sent to configure Proxy Address and not to configure Relay Address. I ignored this warning because the generated address is the Gmail as the previous entered Relay Address