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Cisco AS5400XM dial-peer bind


I am running a AS5400XM as a voip gateway connected to VOIP wholesale providers. The voice switch behind this gw basically define the voice trunk per IP source which is not very flexible.

I found a way to have multiple SIP trunk between the AS5400XM and the MSC by using the bind command at the dial-peer level. Basically I create a loopback for each trunk and I bind the control voice packets with the loopback address (voice-class sip bind control source-interface Loopback).

Then on the mobile switch, I create the trunk with the source loopback IP.

It works fine but I always face the same operation issue. Everytime I create a dial-peer and try to bind it with the loopback, this is the message:

VOIP(config)#dial-peer voice 18 voip

VOIP(config-dial-peer)# voice-class sip bind control source-interface Loopback3

There are active sip calls

The bind command change will not take effect

... Even if there is no sip calls in this dial-peer. Which is stupid ! There are sip calls on other dial-peers but how this binding will affect them?

Anyway, is there a way to bind the dial-peer without clearing all the calls in the GW?

And if not, what is the quickest/easiest way to clear all the calls in my GW the time to apply this command? I can find commands to clear calls one by one but it would certainly won't help much...

Daniele Giordano
Rising star

A way to clear all calls is the "call service stop" command:

voice service voip
     shutdown (forced)

Forced shutdown means all existing calls are immediately cleared and no new ones are accepted.

The forced keyword stops all call processing  immediately. The router can be returned to normal call processing by  removing these commands:

voice service voip 
   no shutdown

Call processing can be  selectively shutdown based on Signalling Protocol.  This example shows a  Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) call service being shutdown on a  Cisco gateway:

voice service voip
call service stop

I have tried both but the active calls are still not cleared. I had to clear them manually through the command

clear call voice causecode 1 id xxxx

Bump.  This is extremely limiting.  Has anyone come up with a workaround?


I'm trying to do the same thing.  I am adding a new trunk on a live system and when I run the bind command on the dial-peer it won't let me.  I can't kill the calls on this gateway because there are loads of calls for a call center.  Is there no way around this other than creating a maintenance window and kicking everyone out?  If not, "stupid" is a good description!

Also seeing this on a 2900, 15.4(1)T4 today. Any ideas on a workaround or fix? 

I know how to clear calls, it's just not an option.


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