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Hi everyone.I need help with Flex VPN configuration on ISR4331 (IOS 16.06.05) in remote access schema - different clients must connect to router and get access to different networks (split tunneling).VPN clients are Android Strongswan, Linux Strongsw...

AndriiD by Level 1
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It has been flagged that our routers are currently using sha1We needed an extra certificate server anyway so I created one with a certificate using key modus of 2048.Cisco said this would automatically use a hash of sha256.My first question is - does...

So we use a Cisco DMVPN setup with 2 Hubs and multiple Spokes. We use OSPF for routing over the tunnels.    Currently, everything is working well. However, I notice that each Spoke is load-sharing traffic to the Hubs via both Hub routers.  There's a ...

ronit by Level 1
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Hey guys, I hope the community can give me some assistance. I am working on a concept with the following hardware an ISR4221 router that is functioning as my main router with 2 DSL lines to the ISP's network. One for internet and one for a wan connec...

MarcelSmal by Level 1
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My apologies but I am not well versed with CISCO configuration. I only know the basic stuff like checking config settings and other stuff.I need help regarding our office firewall. Unfortunately, as per CISCO TAC, our device no longer have a support ...

H3ct0r by Level 1
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I have 2 ASA firewalls that I am configuring the AnyConnect app in Azure AD. Firewall A works fine, SSO takes care of autologon using MFA in Azure AD. Firewall B also works, but differently.  SSO still handles the autologon using MFA in Azure AD, but...

Dear All we want to create remote access VPN on our FTD, the ISP gave us private IP for outside interface and 4 public IPs. we've used two of the public IPs for internet NAT pool. please advise how we we can assign interface for the remote access VPN...