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Hi All , I try to configure for group-url https://x.x.x.x/test  and client try to connect anyconnect vpn but  while client key  https://x.x.x.x/Test  client cannot connect because case sensitive for tunnel-group name . I'm not sure cisco has the solu...

jewfcb001 by Enthusiast
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Hi all,I just installed Cisco anyconnect on my brand new Macbook pro. In order to be able to work remotely I need to use an XML profile that is provided by my company. Unfortunately the dropdown in the client does not show the XML profile that I adde...

vincentbas by Beginner
  • 15 replies
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After updating the ASDM to version 7.18(1.152) (OpenJRE) on my 5506-X ASAs and installing the new launcher on my PC (v.1.9(5)) I noticed that it takes a long time until the ASDM is fully opened. I enter the IP, user and password, login and then the A...

Daniel LRA by Beginner
  • 19 replies
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Hello Everyone !! I have a question about what normally happens in these 2 cases. I have a router that uses a Crypto Map on the physical interface and a tunnel configured without encryption. On another router, I don't have a Crypto Map on the interfa...

i have created IPsec tunnel phase1 ,2 as below but tunnel is not up consider the below :source and dist on router Acrypto isakmp policy 10encr aes 256hash sha384authentication pre-sharegroup 14lifetime 28800...

Hello, I have a customer that have a branch office in China. Before they was using a direct L2L VPN between the branch office and HQ, but a while ago the VPN stopped working and is no longer an option due to government restrictions (great firewall of...

I can't solve the problem with huge delays in user traffic in an SSL VPN session fromCisco Secure Client to Cisco ISR4451-X/K9 with IOS-XE 17.9.4a The SSL VPN session is rising successfully, albeit 2 times slower than with IPsec. But it's tolerable, ...

ba1617-1 by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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Hi, we have got a Cisco ASA. We have a page where the users can download the cisco anyconnect client.Unfortunately before, to go to this page, they have a window call Cisco Secure Desktop (weblaunch) which is displayed  (and not useful for us). If we...

Hello we are trying to set up Route Based VPN to a cloud provider using FTD and VTI. Our outside interface with public IP is part of a VRF in FMC. When the VTI is created using the outside interface as the Tunnel Source, we receive an error:  "Interf...

rob.coote by Beginner
  • 6 replies
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Hi,I have a newly reinstalled OS Windows 11 PC. There is Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client on my PC to connect to my work access. Randomly my pc crashes, basically freezes. After manually power off and power on When I check event viewer the las...

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