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Router(config)#crypto ?RSA-key-pair RSA key pairkey Long term key operationspki Public Key componentsprovisioning Secure Device Provisioningwui Crypto HTTP configuration interfacesAm I missing something?  Do I have the wrong IOS XR version?

red2play by Beginner
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I've had to replace two ASA 5506 firewalls with Firepower 1010 that had a VPN tunnel between them connecting two sites. Once site has a static IP address and the other has a dynamic IP address which was required for RDS, site-to-site VPN and other co...

Resolved! ISR4451-X/K9

Hello guys I am intending to have ISR4451-X/K9, and the main purpose is to have an IPsec VPN tunnel, my question is : does this router supports the IPsec VPN and how much VPN throughput it may process

CURRENT MINOR ISSUE (before I tackle vpns (ssl and ipsec) is password related. I have been programming the router (HTTPS) for some time with no user name(blank) but a strong password. Which is required to enter ASDM, and the serial console, and first...

asa have two interfaces, outside and inside. I have vti ipsec tunnel sourced on outside (public ip) interface and this works ok. I need another vti tunnel sourced with inside (private ip) interface. On both vtis, peers are behind outside interface. T...

Currently, when a VPN client that is dual stacked connnects, the v6 is killed off by the VPN client.We don't want that to happen. We do not have IPv6 on our Firepower, but nevertheless, we want to allow the traffic to continue but not let it in the t...

Hello,In the context of an automation project, I want to configure the "Authentication Timeout" via CLI.I know it's possible with a client profile Preferences (Part 2, attached),example okta : https://help.okta.com/en-us/content/topics/integrations/c...

cisco.13 by Beginner
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Hi I'm playing with a few FTD managed by FMC (all latest 7.x version) I'm trying to get my head round how sysopt-permit VPN works on the FTD.  On ASA it's a global settings, and the docs that I've found for FTD also seem to suggest it's a global sett...

bobus321 by Beginner
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Hello CommunityMy question is about group-policies for SSL VPN and the web portal (AnyConnect download).The web portal is automatically enabled when SSL VPN is active?I would like to use RADIUS for authentication for the web portal. What does the ASA...

Sorry in advance if I've posted to the wrong board! Can anyone advise how to change the contact number attached to the Cisco Secure Client verification process. It is used for my laptop VPN and was set up before a company phone was issued and I'd lik...

jcrawf2 by Beginner
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I am using Anyconnect client 4.10.06079 on Ubuntu 22.04Once connected the transfer speed (over scp for example) bounces between 6 and 10MB/s which is fairly decent and probably limited by the capacity on the other end. However, after a while, usually...

I am using Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client version Version 4.10.07062 on my Windows 10 system to connect to our office VPN. From past few days I am experiencing a weird issue where my Internet speed is reduced by 96-97% after connecting to VP...

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