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I am trying to establish ipsec tunnel between asa5510 and sonic wall.The sonic wall is al ready configured at remote side and i started configuring asa 5510 the problem is after configuring all steps the tunnel is not created.i tried many times but i...

Hello !I'm trying to test the following topology:Client ------ Server(win2k3) --------- (Internet)-------- VPN Server(ASA) ---------- LAN- Server running L2TP to connect to VPN Server (sucessful)- Client can ping to LAN after VPN tunnel is up when I ...

chidd by Level 1
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Hi,I'm trying to setup an IPSec tunnel between ASA5520 and a SA520. I have multiple subnets (interesting traffic/protected networks) on both locations. On SA 520, I don't see an option to define multiple subnets for local and remote pool under "VPN P...

swingvote by Level 1
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Hi,I've been struggling with this for a few days now and I'm just about out of ideas.   Any advice would be much appreciated.I'm trying to set up an Easy VPN server on an 837 adsl router to allow remote access from a windows PC running a Cisco VPN cl...

So I have 2 ASA 5505’s that I am trying to setup a l2l ipsec tunnel to in a lab on a closed network. V821.I’m configuring the entire thing from CLI and not really having any problem.  However when I pull up the ASDM v621, it only shows the first tunn...

The users were able to login to VPN client successfully.   However, none of the users could access any internal resources. For example, the users are unable to Remote Control to the server.  They are unable to ping to any internal servers or map a dr...

laurabolda by Level 1
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Hello,On a PIX 515E v.6.3.5.Are there three ACL lists that can come in to play when configuring an IPSec VPN on a PIX? (I hear a roar of "It depends" )1. Nat (0) ACL  - to NOT nat traffic this is part of the IPSec VPN2. Crypto ACL - ACL that disting...

pdvcisco by Level 1
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All,I don't see "no crypto isakmp nat-traversal" in my config, but I also don't see "isakmp nat-traversal" in my config either. Most times, the default doesn't show up in the running config, so I have a question. I have 8.0(4) on a 5520 that we use f...

Hi all,I would like to know if it is possible to set up hairpinning to allow users connected to the same site through a remote access VPN to communicate between themselves, but also with the site itself.Does anyone have configure that kind of thing?R...

Hi All,I have a situation where site A accesses a program at site B though a L2L tunnelThe tunnel is up and functioning and the users can access and use the program with no issues but when they try to print from the program to a printer at site A it ...