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Multiple Crypto Maps on one interface.

I don't know if this is the correct place to ask this question, but I hope someone can help.I would like to know if it is possible to have different encryption/IPSEC/SA schemes on one interface, without using tunneling?Right now I am using Policy Bas...

VPN translation error

Hi,We have a very common problem. While searching this forum, there are lots of possible solutions. But i am not able to get the proper way to the solution.To say, we have Cisco PIX 515e. We have external clients trying to access their servers from o...

How sensitive is VPN to network disruption?

hi guys, hope u can help with a quick question.Just started with a new company so still finding my feet.We have 3 remote sites which use IPSEC VPN to connect to our head office where i'm based. Each of the sites has an ADSL line thro our ISP.Our isp...

Clientless SSL VPN through Proxy

We have implemented Clientless SSL VPN on an ASA5520 - OS 8.0.4(28). It now appears that there is a known bug when trying to use this feature through a proxy server. A workaround option is to configure smart tunnels, which we have tried but still wi...

KeithN123 by Beginner
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VPN lab help between Pix and router

Hi,I'm trying to create a VPN in my lab setup.I have a Cisco Pix 515 and a Cisco 2621 router.I don't have a crossover cable yet, so the outside of the firewall is plugged into a hub and the outside interface FE 0/0 on the router is plugged into the h...

whiteford by Beginner
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EasyVPN tunnel not recovering.

Hi,I've got the following scenario:[HQ_ASA5510_7.2(4)] | | |[[INTERNET]] | | |[(DynIP)ADSL_Router with NAT] | | |[(PrivIP)BRANCH_ASA5505_7.2(4)_EZvpn]All the configuration was done via ASDM. The branch ASA is configured as ...

i.va by Participant
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no IBM RSA II response behind 2811 router

I have an IBM Remote Supervisor Adaptor (RSA) II with a Static IP Configuration of is connected to a vlan( configured within a cisco 2811 router. The router's public access IP address is the "outside interface" with N...

ASA5510 two inside interfaces

we have a client that is installing failover core switches. One will be in standby mode while the other is active. This will require two physical connections to the ASA5510 firewall. The ASA has one unused interface. Is it possible to assign both...

j.bourque by Beginner
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PIX to ASA Upgrade

I am preparing to upgrade my PIX 525's to ASA 5520's. I am wondering if anyone has experience with the migration tool and happens to have any pointers. I am planning to use the PIX-to-ASA Migration tool to copy my configuration and would like to hear...

IPsec and SSL VPN, No Internet access

Hi,I've set up Easy VPN Server and SSL VPN on a couple of cisco routers (877 and 3800) with a full tunnel (No split tunnelling). Everything works as it should, except that I don't have access to the internet using the WAN connection of the remote loc...

rdeangel by Beginner
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ASA- Environment related alerts

Hi All,Is there any command on ASA 5505/10/20 that gives the environment vlaues?(fan/temp etc). If not.. does the below config send info to syslog server..??******************************hostname(config)#logging list TEST level warning class sys --> ...

mvsheik123 by Rising star
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