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Hello all. I have a few issues I am trying to resolve that I have been working on for a few days.  Quick intro to my environment. Site A ASA 5505 > Microwave Shot > ISP 200ms  /  2 Workstations on LAN Site B ASA 5505 > vSat > ISP  800ms  / Catalyst 1...

bughatti by Beginner
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I have replaced the cables and the Cisco ASA 5505,  I still lose packets whenI ping a pc on the other end of the site to site IPsec vpn tunnel.  Can someonetell me if this is related to the configuration of Cisco ASAs or other networkingproblems.  Th...

Dears ... please, there is any book or video that can you provide me to understand the ikev2 ?as well there is any template can i use ? to configure itplease asap cuz it's required from me in my work  thanks 

Dears i confugre the below on my ASA     access-list ACL_PROXY_ACL extended permit ip ! crypto ipsec ikev1 transform-set TSET_TO_BRANCH esp-aes 256 esp-sha256-hmac   ! crypto map CMAP_VPN 10 mat...

    Question : when I am trying to ping IP Loopback IP or Router 3 from Router 2 then i am unable to ping it. Even on router R1 unable to ping se 1/3   Below are configuration or all three routers.   Router 1***********interface Loopback...

saurabhkr by Beginner
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I am experiencing an issue with the 'show sessions' command. I wanted to test out the 'show session' and 'show users' commands just to see it work properly. However, after starting a Telnet session from one switch (SW1) through the default gateway an...

bmpreyer by Beginner
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Hi Guys, We currently have 2 Datacenters, but for management we only have 1 AnyConnect entry. Now we're looking into bringing in some redundancy for our AnyConnect VPN and we found the Backup Server. Now i might be missing something here, but i couln...

Hello, I have configured RADIUS Authentication by Windows Server 2016. It seems to be work:   test aaa-server authentication NPS host username vpn pa$ INFO: Attempting Authentication test to IP address <> (timeout: 12 seconds...

Exonix by Beginner
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  Hi everybody! I created 10 vpn on asa 5525 but when  creating vpn 11 it can't.  it is show run : !interface GigabitEthernet0/0 nameif inside security-level 100 ip address ! interface GigabitEthernet0/1 nameif ou...

I am the a middle of setting up an ipsec-vpn with ikev2. but my tunnel-group ipsec attributes will not accept ikev2 command. Please refer to the output below: ------------------------------------------------------------------   Data-FW(config)# tunne...

abow by Beginner
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Hello ,    I need to make ipsec connections from  an ASR902 router.  In the release notes one states IPSEC tunnel is only supported on ASR903 and ASR907 ;    Anyway the commnands are in the CLI .    Anyone knows if IPSEC is possible on the ASR902?   ...

Hi   I have cisco asa connected to cisco 887vaw router with dsl internet connection. I have internet connection working on both. I have configured vpn IPsec on cisco asa, I can connect from inside but I can not connect from remote. can you help pleas...

Hamid Amir by Beginner
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